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Wazking the Cadaver
Incase you didn’t know, Waking the Cadaver apparently has a new album coming out. To hype their fans up for this new release, they issued a Youtube video for the song “Lumped Up,” but a pre-production version of the song, which still sounds pretty professional. But, is it any good?

I’ll admit, I really enjoyed their last album Beyond Cops. Beyond God they issued back in 2010, so I looked forward to hearing this new offering. I was far from let down. There’s a good deal of intensity in the mid-tempo aggression, and the squeeling was used in moderation against the somewhat deep gutturals that aren’t too intimidating, but somehow fit the music well enough. I caught myself headbanging quite often, even during he breakdowns, which there were a good deal of.

Thankfully the breakdowns aren’t that slow, even though they largely dominate the recording. The first was still rather fast and had a catchy rhythm that kept my neck muscles moving. The second, however, slowed the pace down a bit too much for my tastes, but wasn’t all that bad. in fazct, the chaotic passage that followed with an interesting guitar solo made it worth going through before heading into another breakdown similar to how the track kicks off to wrap things up. The biggest complaint about all of them is that it’s clear the band uses the single note structure many popular groups in the field use, such as Suicide Silence.

I can’t say I’m all that impressed by “Lumped Up,” but the energy and catchy rhythm through much of the song kept my head bobbing along most of the time. Fans of the group will definitely enjoy this song, and will probably be more excited for Real-Life Death to drop later this year. But, if you haven’t been a fan up to this point, or even on the fence like I have been after their last recording, this probably won’t change your views all that much…

Waking the Cadaver (band)

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