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Gory Blister: EarthSick

Why in the hell is it that I am just now hearing about the name Gory Blister? On top of the facts that the band name is something that would normally stand out, and I just generally love Death Metal to begin with. So, really, why the hell was I not informed? I recently got a promotional copy of their upcoming album, Earth-Sick, and I just haven’t had the time to get to it, even though it was on the top of my priorities list. But, I finally made time by slapping it the digital promo on a CD, throwing it into the car stereo, and blasting it on my way to the grocery store.

I know, such a metal activity, but it made the quest for tacos pretty heavy.

In any event, I threw it on, and at first I thought I misjudged the album as a Thrash effort. The introductory track “The Bleeding” was a bit misleading thanks to the science fiction start prior to the chords kicking in, and it didn’t take too long for a catchy, melodic intro to actually make me not really want to hear this album. But, I gave it a chance, and honestly I’m glad I did. What hit was some really strong and, to a certain extent, rather brutal Death Metal.

The presence on many of the songs was really dominating, and “Earth-Sick” really welcomed in a relentless sound that had me banging my head along as much as possible given some of the interesting changes the group utilized on the song. From there, it was basically more of the same: Sick Death Metal with a catchy, solid bludgeoning rhythm. The guitar solos that dropped throughout the release really stood out as well, often bringing in more of a Heavy Metal sense to them that would shift the music slightly in that direction as well.

I appreciate that the band really tries to stick with that brutal sound in a subtle manner. But, I noticed a few times where the music actually did go a little further “Soul-Bourne Maladies” has a bit of a haunting tone to it before the guitar solo kicks in. It gave me a bit of a breather from the pounding drums of the track and general burdening tone of the release. I actually wish there were more moments like these found throughout Earth-Sick, but I’m glad it didn’t end up abused.

Honestly if this is what Gory Blister has to bring to the table, I’m definitely sold. I’m not gonna sit here and say they’re the next big thing in Death Metal, but these guys definitely have a strong presence and sound to them I wouldn’t ignore. For having established back in 1991, I’m actually really let down I never heard of these guys until recently. I’m glad I did now, and I suggest you give this band a chance as well. If you enjoy the style, this is one of those bands that doesn’t seem to let their fans down, and Earth-Sick is another example of some sick Death Metal.