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Sometimes an album’s artwork slips by, especially when there’s a lack of coverage. Once in a while bigger bands do a reveal of the artwork, or pace it out for days only showing little bits and pieces with each update. Every day new promotional material is sent out, and some largely ignored. Instead of letting the artist’s work and vision go to waste, whether previously revealed or not, I present the latest covers to hit the inbox in the past twenty fours in this weeks generically named but still suiting Daily Art Attack.

A Life Once Lost: Ecstatic Trance (Season of Mist Records)
Adorned Brood: Kuningaz (Massacre Records)
Aluk Todolo: Occult Rock (The Ajna Offensive)
Bust A Move: There’s No Place Like Home (Bastardized Records)
Davey Suicide: Put Our Trust in Suicide (Standby Records)