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Damnation Angels

Surprising news from DAMNATION ANGELS!

The band, who has recently released its second album “The Valiant Fire”, has parted ways with its vocalist Per Fredrik “PelleK” Åsly.

They released the following statement:

“We’re sorry to say that after 5 years together, we’re parting ways with PelleK. It’s a mutual decision that has been on the horizon for quite some time.

Per Fredrik has a lot going on in his life and simply can’t commit the amount of time that we require from him.

As things with the band get busier and busier, we need someone who can commit a serious amount of time to the band, and Per Fredrik simply can’t fulfill this duty. We remain friends out of the band and wish him all the best for the future.

Although line-up changes are difficult and can be frustrating, the future of Damnation Angels was never in doubt.

We are very excited about the next chapter for the band and glad you will all be there to share it with us.”

The band is now looking for a new vocalist and stated that anyone from anywhere can apply.

Instrumental versions and lyrics for 2 DAMNATION ANGELS songs are available at THIS LOCATION.

Everyone who’s interested, should record a video of him-/herself singing a song and send the YouTube link to the band – either via message on the band’s Facebook page, via email, or you can tag the band on Facebook if you post the video to your profile (make sure the posting’s privacy is set to public).

Damnation Angels: The Valiant Fire
Damnation Angels

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