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Deiphago: Satan Alpha Omega

Today, black/death barbarians Deiphago – arguably, one of the most violent bands on the planet – reveal details for their fourth full-length album, to be released next year by Hells Headbangers. Titled Into the Eye of Satan, recordings forDeiphago’s fourth album will take place during Dececember in The Thousand Caves Recording Studio in Queens, New York and will be produced/engineered/mixed by Colin Marston (Gorguts). Mastering will be handled by Brad Boatright of AudioSiege. Cover artwork is created by legendary death metal artist Axel Hermann (Sodom, Morgoth, Asphyx, Grave).

Deiphago reports the following about what to expect with Into the Eye of Satan: “The four album is a progression from the path where Satan Alpha Omega left off. It will focus more on the technical prowess of the band while retaining all the chaos of the previous albums. Forward movement under chaos! Prepare for the next level of Black Death Devastation!


Press release provided by Hells Headbangers.