Review – Deveikuth / Pissboiler: Split

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  • Bio: n/a
  • Label: Doomsayer Records
  • Release Date: September 6th, 2017
  • Genre: Drone, Funeral Doom Metal
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Doomsayer Records recently enlisted the help of two doom and drone titans of the underground for a brand new two-song digital split release that stretched well beyond the North American based label’s roots. Included is one new song a piece from the French three-piece Deveikuth and the Swedish four man outfit Pissboiler. Of the two, the former has been at it longer (though no concrete time period of activation is available) boasting a few smaller releases and a full-length in 2015, whereas the latter, having just formed in 2014, only had a single demo to their name to grab the attention of the folk at Doomsayer. But how does this forty-three minute long outing stack up, and is it one worth any actual merit?

Up first is “Shame, Sloth, Slumber, Suicide” by Deveikuth, and the Sunn O))) influence is pretty hard to deny here. Thunderous rumblings from the bass and deeply tuned guitars offer up a monolithic nightmare, while the distant, distorted shouting vocals come off like a commanding voice from the distance pushing you along your slow trudge in the afterlife. The random cleaner notes and hints of feedback pierce the dismal skies like a sudden stabbing migraine to ensure you’re still with us and feeling the torture that scrapes across your ear drums, slowly picking up thickness in performance and a glimmer of hope by fourteen minutes in before being left to rot in the boiling blanket of blackness that slowly ate away at you all this time. While at first this track is a bit hard to get into, this is more an experience you learn to appreciate the further in you get, and one you’ll inevitably gravitate back towards.

DeveikuthAnd then you enter “Monolith of Depression” from Pissboiler, instantly thrusting you into a world of total isolation as the sandblasted chords set the stage for your eminent plummeting into the sea of loneliness from the riffs, slowly choking you as the liquid-like clarity of the fluid performance fills up your lungs the further you sink. With a Draconian level of hopelessness, the grim melodies sweep you away as the deeper tuning and even some of the unnerving notes such as seven-and-a-half minutes in urge you to just lay back, relax, and accept what fate is coming. And what lies in store is cryptic passages and a good deal of tribal grooves on top of a growing burdening sensation. The oddest of all this comes about sixteen minutes in where things take on a very bleak ritualism one could equate to the horror themed days of early Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons.

PissboilerWhile “Monolith of Depression” does kind of go off the rails a bit in the last ten minutes, thankfully in a negative manner, this Split release stands as something fans of funeral doom and drone will lovingly embrace. Both bands manage to easily play on and alter the listener’s emotions in a way that is somewhat sickening, but welcomed in every right. It’s a testament to what makes this style of performance such a quickly growing realm of exploration as of late, and this split only furthers encapsulate why its so powerful in the first place. Not only do you get a solid offering here, but exposure to two rising bands in the underground well worth keeping an eye on.