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  • Label: The Compound (2014 Vinyl), Self-release
  • Release Date: January 2nd, 2014 / March 25th, 2014
  • Genre: Grindcore
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Die Choking is a three-piece Grindcore group from Philadelphia. Among the ranks are bassist and vocalist Paul J Herzog (former Total Fucking Destruction), drummer Joshua T. Cohen (Cop Problem), and guitarist Jeffrey V. Daniels (Burden). Early January of 2014 marked the release of their debut self-titled EP, which has been picked up for a vinyl release through The Compound. It was recorded by Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) at his Mark It Zero Studios in New Jersey. It also is the first of a number of releases due this year, including another five song EP, and a full-length by the end of the year. But with five songs clocking in at just under six minutes, is this something fans of grind or “raw metal” (according to the press release) will warmly embrace?

Aside the crisp, blunt audio, there’s a good deal of variety to Die Choking that keeps it fresh. “Low Finality” blasts along with some Death Metal laced Grindcore riffs and short blast beats, though ending in a way that includes a hint of Crossover Thrash to the guitars in a rather eccentric manner. It can be felt in some areas of “Momentum,” which also has a strong Death Metal groove early on that ends up short-lived. While not exactly a waste of space, this track does seem more like filler by the half way point. “Reason Resist | Reason Reborn” is just a furious piece of Grindcore intensity with some overly technical guitar work thrown in. It’s an abrasive cut that makes good use of the forty-nine seconds of its existence, leading to the blast beat crazed, authority driven “Uninstall.” The aggressive nature here does let up for some Stoner Rock style hooks about half way through, unlike the quick paced oriental sounding leads of “Greed War,” which is the EP’s most intriguing performance for that reason, as well as some of the brutal passages and Mathcore style bridges.

Die Choking

For an EP that falls just short of the six-minute mark, Die Choking manage to accomplish a lot. The music is tight and manages to bring in a good deal of variety that all feels natural from start to finish with the exception of the last half of “Momentum.” If you enjoy Grindcore and the Punk or Metal worlds that surround it, Die Choking is an EP you need to get excited about. For a debut outing, this release shows a great deal of promise that will have you anxious for their next acknowledged five song EP.

Die Choking

Digital review copy of this release provided by The Compound.