Review – Do Not Disturb (2013)

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Review – Do Not Disturb (2013)
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Do Not Disturb
Horror, Thriller
RLJ Entertainment, Ruthless Pictures
August 6th, 2013
Release length: 1:25:00
Do Not Disturb was a film I actually rented by mistake. Instead of taking it back for the right film, I hopped on-line to see the general premise of the film. Simply put, it’s the tale of a man who’s fiancee was murdered, out seeking revenge. It seemed innocent enough, but my interest quickly waned with Halloween approaching. Now that it’s passed and my debt to Redbox for this film breaks the double digits, I decided to finally give it a play. Sadly, Ruthless Pictures’ offering is far from even remotely promising.

The story follows a man named Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) who is living in a slum for the ambience to help him write his latest screenplay. The general concept of his fiancee’s death is never really addressed outside of random flashbacks through throughout. Instead, the film starts off by revealing he is keeping a man hostage, removing parts to symbolize how this person tore him apart piece by piece. His agent Ava Collins (Tiffany Shepis) walks in on this, and is told it’s art until she walks in a day later on the truth.

From this point on it’s just one long convoluted mess that really shows no revenge being taken for his fiancee’s death. At one point he finds tapes of what his neighbor Spitz (Ezra Buzzington) is into after he asks him to make a Hooker (Danielle Fortwangler) disappear, then eventually makes a deal with Ava to kill a rival agent who stole one of her clients. The more the bodies pile up, the more interest the police have in him, leading to a conflict between Don and Detective Dom Turkovich’s (Robert DiDonato) as he gets closer to the truth.

The film’s visuals and raw production style does work well enough to set the proper tone when in and around the building Don resides in, while keeping the audio crisp enough to never be much of a bother. It is a bit conflicting when in the urban settings with Ava though, being a cosmetic gripe that doesn’t hurt the film more than the incredibly boring, slow paced story already does. The closure of the fiancee angle comes with the burning of a photo, or at least one is left to assume since it’s never addressed. It also happens as randomly as the conclusion to Don’s story line, which you can easily miss if you blink. Thankfully Ava appears one last time to keep things going a little longer.

Do Not Disturb is a movie with a good idea that simply got lost the moment it starts. This film is one of the most boring experiences you could hope for, trying so hard to develop the characters in the many lengthy discussion scenes, but only weaving characters you really could care less about. You end up thrust in the middle of Don Malek’s struggle, plodding along to fewer character defining reveals than obligatory topless and sex shots, the latter of which being more believable than half the acting, and far more enjoyable than most of this incredibly boring production.

Overall Score: 2/10
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