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The Metal Meltdown: Episode 01

Episode One: The Metal Locker Room brings back The Metal Meltdown, a project intended for the site that never really happened. Today, Apoch teams up with his old WSFX FM co-host The Brute to present a new age for that series of brutality and talk radio.

Originally under the guise of “Coffee and Metal”, this episode covers a wide variety of topics in a locker room fashion. The conversations range between recent Pantera comments, the reunion of Coal Chamber, the existence of Butcher Babies, and who could pull off a Disney-themed dystopian concept album, and much more.

It’s been a good seven years since we’ve worked togther behind the microphone. We’re just headbanging the rust off. This is only the beginning…

Music in this episode includes:
Slaughterday: Crawling in Secrecy (Ravenous)
Edge of Haze: The Pyre (Illumine)
Where Giants Once Stood: Illuminate (Live Above)
Solace of Requiem: Soiling the Fields of Putridity (Casting Ruin)
Hammerfall: Hector’s Hymn ((r)Evolution)
Butcher Babies: They’re Coming to Take Me Away (Uncovered)

All songs used with label/pr company approval.

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