Review – Eye Ra Haze: Eye of the Storm

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Review – Eye Ra Haze: Eye of the Storm
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Eye Ra Haze: Eye of the Storm

Eye Ra Haze is an Alternative / Progressive Rock and Metal group that comes from New York City, and features Kevin Corcoran, ex-Buried Alive member, on drums. The press release also stresses there are three females involved as if it’s something brand new for music in general. Either way, Eye of the Storm marks the group’s debut three song EP, and a much anticipated release in their hometown, and it’s pretty obvious why.

“New Beginning” is a rather radio friendly track, a slower song with a slightly darkened atmosphere. The song isn’t anything too special, finding some heavier Alternative riffs in spots like the chorus, met with a rather typical vocal performance that is good, but not too inspiring overall. “Quiet Storm” is about the same in many respects, though a bit more enthusiastic, especially in the vocals. It also has a simple breakdown at the end that works well enough. “Warships” has a little more emotion packed in the vocals, which suits the somber music being performed. It’s nothing special, but ends up one of the most versatile and impressive cuts of the EP.

Eye of the Storm isn’t the most unique releases, but there’s enough to discern them from Flyleaf, which you can pick up traces of throughout. The mixture of solid Progressive Rock, as well as Alternative Rock and Metal is handled well. The problem is that the music and vocals end up standard issue, finding strength from the slower pace and darker tones. If you’re looking for something a bit emotionally driven, but more of a casual listen than anything, Eye Ra Haze‘s Eye of the Storm makes for a safe bet for the fan of female-driven Rock or Metal.

Score: 6.5/10

Eye Ra Haze
Eye Ra Haze

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