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Since Falconer stormed into the Metal world, they’ve always been a rather unique act, with the exception of one album of course. There’s always been a decent amount of output from Metal Blade Records to push the band and bring attention to a coming album, but for many, the band’s seventh full-length effort, Armod, is one that nearly slipped through the cracks, or is still unknown to them as fans. The label remedied this by issuing the song “Svarta Ãnkan” off that album through Soundcloud, as well as Youtube.

And for the fans of the band, it’s a song that shows the potential that the upcoming release has. There’s nothing too unique about the song, and it captures the traditional Falconer sound perfectly. And it becomes a great “for the fans” debut considering the song is nearly seven minutes long, and is catchy enough, as well as features enough changes to the music, that the listener can just sit back and enjoy the song from start to finish without it growing tedious. In fact, the changes to the song’s music throughout is one of the more interesting aspects of the song. “Svarta Ãnkan” starts off fast and heavy, then gradually melts down to the slower Folk Metal style Falconer is known for, being a more upbeat slower paced song that feels more minstrel-like. The song does get back up to that first speed again to close it out, but it doesn’t quite have the same fire or overall intensity to it the second time around, but overall it’s a nice introduction that leads to some solid, catchy traditional Falconer.

And with that, Armod becomes rather promising. Falconer doesn’t really let their fans down, as long as they have the right vocalist of course. “Svarta Ãnkan” just feels right with it’s catchier atmosphere and heavier music. This also makes a fantastic way for those unfamiliar with the band to get a quick crash course in the band as pretty much all the stuff going on in the song manages to sum up the many musical approaches the band utilizes in their albums nicely. Overall the song is just great, and even on a critical level it does a great job of being a unique and even beautiful work from Falconer. The way the band manages to start on a grandious, epic scale, then ween themselves off it slowly, only to build back up to the level of epic music again, and manage to do it so well that it doesn’t feel patterned or padded in any sense to retain a near seven minute length will leave any listener running back to the internet to hear it again and again. I’ve personally heard the song four times through just for this piece, and I assure you’ll more then likely have the lyrics down before the album even comes out, which is a sign of a happy fan, as well as that even you will feel this way about this track.

Article based on dipublic audio stream provided by Metal Blade Records.

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