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Madagascar 3

As an Xbox 360 gamer, I’m hooked on earning achievements, but it’s rare I’ll obtain all of them in a retail title. When it comes to the Live Arcade, I’ll stick it out since many are pretty short. However, if I can rent or borrow a movie-licensed title, I typically will in hopes of earning the full score and maybe have another Disney/Pixar’s Up experience. So, when I saw that Madagascar 3: The Game was coming to my local Redbox, I figured I’d throw a few bucks their way and hammer it out. Right?

Nope. Madagascar 3 is the most boring game I think I’ve ever played.

Now, I’m not expecting a full-on action packed experience. I wasn’t expecting to run around and kick people or crush them. But, I expected more than going through town looking for a gardening hose for Skipper, or putting up flyers. Yeah, sound entertaining? Oh, trust me, it’s not. I’m struggling just to try to finish up Rome, and I’m an adult! Did developed Vicious Cycle honestly expect kids to sit in place and play this game?

Honestly, the most fun I’m having with this game so far is avoiding animal control, but even that becomes irritating! You can escape by pretending to be a statue on a pedastal or jumping up to a ledge. Simple, right? Well you can’t be a statue when they are on your ass and half the time there’s only one or two areas you can escape from nearby. Meaning you’re gonna have to run around to lose them, or find a place to climb up. On top of that, you have to deal with one of the most irritating dinging sound that works with the radar to tell you that control is still after you! And speaking of the radar, finding command central when you’re out wandering around trying to find that garden hose? Well it’s a light blue and usually placed on an off-white. I have a hard time seeing colors so I’m getting a headache every time I have to give Skipper the objective to end the stage.

But, I admit, I’m having some fun with the mini games. They aren’t anything major, largely just pushing buttons in the correct order or jumping on a tightrope or through rings of fire. Playing as King Julien doing a drum roll, though, was mildly entertaining. But, overall, that about sums up the more exciting and engaging aspect of the game, and really the only thing I can see kids actually playing past maybe one or two missions of Story Mode if that.

Even at two dollars a night, I really don’t think I’m going to continue playing this game. I might give it another day or two and see what happens, but so far I’m not even near finished with the first set of stages, and there’s five. I honestly cannot suggest this game at all to anyone, even if their kids are die-hard Madagascar fans. Even an achievement junkie like myself can’t really sit down and focus long enough without wanting to do with my fiancee did watching all this madness and pass out. For more news and updates on all of your favorite video games, check out GameMite.

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