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3: The Ghost You Gave To Me

3 has existed for some time, though they were a band I never really expressed much interest in despite owning one of their earlier releases. It’s not because I thought they were bad, I just never really felt compelled to check them out thanks to what many friends had said, and what I read on-line and in magazines. I simply became a matter of too many bands and releases, too little time. Now, with the group signed to Metal Blade Records, a copy of The Ghost You Gave to Me hit my inbox, and that’s when I realized I overlooked a three song sampler the label had sent that I intended to do a First Impression article on, mostly because these articles are not really what drives the site, and I put it on the back burner. Of course, at the time of writing this, the album has been out for a little while now, so chances are good if you’re a fan you already have it. But, I still feel compelled to give my personal opinion on what to expect before I tear into the full-length soon. Consider this a warm up to hearing what the band has up their rather Progressive sleeve.

There’s three tracks on this sampler that include “React,” “High Times,” and “Numbers.” When “React” started, I was actually kind of taken back a bit by it. The atmosphere to the song had that laid back kind of vibe to it with some lighter Progressive Rock, though still talented and far from simpler. The song itself felt a little more emotionally driven as well, which really struck me when listening to it and captured my interest. The vocals were also pretty impressive with some good layering done to make them richer, and it works without feeling like they benefit greatly from studio editing, with that being said for the other instruments as well. I knew what to expect from here, and wasn’t let down with “High Times.” The song’s more classic Rock sound with the lighter Progressive touch allowed me to just lay back and casually listen to the song with ease and be swept up by the more relaxed atmosphere.

I honestly was expecting another track like those two from this sampler, but was pleasantly surprised, as well as a little disappointed deep down I couldn’t just lay back and be caught up with it anymore, to see a more upbeat and yet edgier track with “Numbers.” As the song went on, I found myself bobbing my head along to the song. The varying in and out of slower paces works for what the band is doing with the song, and while “Numbers” is edgy, it never feels too intimidating, again coming off more like a casual song but with a little more attitude and heaviness behind the music.

Just with these three tracks, I’m definitely more curious on what the band has to offer on the full-length The Ghost You Gave to Me, and honestly I’m a little let down in myself for not taking the time before to experience this sampler. I can safely say I enjoy what I hear, and it comes off like some solid Progressive Rock material. I’m a little more anxious now to get to this album and review it, but right now for as much as I did enjoy it, I can’t say that I’m walking into the album with pretty high hopes. What I heard is good and well performed, but at the same time that’s where I’ll draw the line with these tracks for now: A good experience that I think the full-length will find me liking a lot more after experience the complete package. But, how much I will I’m still not too sure on.

Article based on digital review material provided by Relapse Records.