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Many years ago, I was all about Aborted and their sheer brutality. One of the first bands truly classified as Brutal Death Metal that I was introduced to, the sheer intensity and presence the group had on their early recordings really stuck out to me and pushed me further towards embracing the style and ignoring the pig squeels that many bands at the time were simply abusing from start to finish of each and every song of the release. However, as the years waned, I found myself growing a little tired of the band, and sadly for good reason. That brutality no longer really existed and they started turning the way of the Brutal Deathcore sound. In a random fit of boredom, I happened up the bands single “Global Flatline” off their upcoming 2012 album of the same title, purchased it, and braced myself for what was about to ring through my ears.

Honestly, “Global Flatline” is a great song. While it’s not quite the same intensity as the band’s early material, it definitely speaks better of the group then their more recent full-lengths such as The Archaic Abattoir. The cleaner production honestly did throw me off a bit, but it’s about what I expected given today’s technological advancements, and just the general progression of the group. While I’d love to see the group return to the dominating rawer sound, this tighter and one could say a little more technical due to the intense pace approach still works. However, it does leave me feeling a little worried given their recent efforts. While this track is mostly comprised of furious blastbeats, it leaves you wondering what else Aborted has up their sleeves for the new album. Will Global Flatline only have this one track with such a volatile aggression and then the rest be a little more traditional to the Brutal Death Metal scene, or even dabble in ideas one could argue as Deathcore?

At this point, I’ve sat back and listened to “Global Flatline” a good five times. Overall, I really like the song, and my full professional opinion towards it can be found in the reviews section. However, as I stated earlier, I am still a bit worried for the full-length. But, has this track changed my expectations at all? Well, yes honestly. “Global Flatline” doesn’t really say the band is that different from their recent efforts, the song is just a lot faster, comes through heavier and commanding, as well as generally a lot more brutal then anything I had heard from the group in recent years, and it definitely has me excited to hear what the final product is going to end up being.

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