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Anthrax: Worship Music

After waking up on only five hours of sleep, taking a quick showering, then staggering back out into the mess that was my kitchen/living room of my apartment, where six hours ago my fiancee got hungry for an experimental food item I recently read about (deep fried Kool-Aid), nearly tripping over one of the pots that she had accidentally knocked over into my lap (should have got that bowl myself) spilled cold milk, raw egg, sugar, Kool-Aid, cinnamon, and baking powder into my crotch, I sat down in that same seat to check my Facebook before heading off to work. I was shocked as I read an instant message on that site from a long time internet acquaintance revealing an Anthrax song had gone live. Despite all that had happened and knowing I had to go to work still, this brightened my day. A new Anthrax album? I hadn’t even heard about it! Oh what could the possibilities be?! So, after finishing my chores at my place of work, uploading a just finished review, and doing the new for two hours straight, I finally get to sit down and sink my teeth into this Zombie themed Thrash assault!

And right off the bat, I’m hooked. Well, shortly after the introductory news narrative obviously meant to be a radio broadcast. The heavy Thrash riffs kick in hard, though nothing too intense and furious coming out of the gate, and continues on with this more chugging pace through much of the song, accompanied with the band’s more signature clean vocal approach. The vocals do get harsher during the more intense and faster chorus that shows where the real balls of the track is, baring it’s fangs before entering into a heavily Melodic chorus. One of the real shocking things about this chorus, and even the whole sound of the song, is how close it resembles something you would expect to hear on a Shadows Fall album from around the release of The War Within, and if it weren’t a song by Anthrax, this would immediately be dismissed as a clone of Shadows Fall. Of course, this song clearly shows where much of that band’s musical influence comes from, and overall, it stands tall against it with the heavier music, and varied approach to the song itself between chugging Thrash, intense passages, and heavily melodic choruses.

But what it all comes down to is this: This is catchy as all hell. The standard verses of the song really don’t come off too long lasting, but the pre-chorus and chorus to this song are simply jaw dropping with how catchy and melodic, though still having that Thrash edge to it. This is what really ties the song together and makes it all the more memorable. If this song is any indication of what to expect on their upcoming album Worship Music, then the album is going to be an amazing attempt, and one to really start salivating for. The only fear that I have with it is that bands typically put their best foot foward on the first track, and “Fight ’em Till You Can’t” is the first track off that album. The band does dabble in more then Thrash, having a solid history of Groove Metal and Speed Metal influence, and while the pre-chorus to this song does have a good Groove foundation to it, one can only wonder what direction the group will go in given this rather moving, melodic track, and if anything after it can live up to how captivating this one song is so far.

All fears aside, “Fight ’em Till You Can’t” has me ready for Worship Music. I’ve listened to this song about five times so far, and I fully intend to buy it and slap it on a CD to plow through town with. And any respectable Anthrax fan who hears this song will more then likely do the same thing, and immediately put a pre-order out on Worship Music. It’s been about eight years since We’ve Come for You All, and knowing that the band has kind of reinvented themselves a bit without losing what makes Anthrax themselves in these more modern times is a very satisfying idea without even hearing this track. However, as a fan, I definitely leave this song with a smile on my face, a song in my heart (and on repeat in my brain), and expecting another kick ass Anthrax album.

But that’s not all! If you like this song so much, you can actually download it for free! Head over to and snag the entire “Fight ’em Till You Can’t” song free to rock out with anytime, anywhere! And because I can’t possibly leave this first impression without happiness that fans of the television series Married… With Children may remember:
“It’s in the fridge… Why is it hot?!”

Article based on digital review material provided by Nuclear Blast Records.