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Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

Despite some of the reviews available on this website, I’m a huge Arch Enemy fan. You can tell by simply looking at the Collection link above and finding I own almost all of the band’s full-length releases. However, I personally haven’t been into a lot of the newer stuff since Anthems of Rebellion. The albums aren’t really bad from my casual perspective, but just feel like Anthems of Rebellion with more or less energy behind them. But, being the loyal fan I am, as soon as I read in my inbox that Arch Enemy had made the song “Yesterday is Dead and Gone” available for download, I jumped at the chance to see what lies in store of their upcoming full-length Khaos Legions, which hits stores June seventh of 2011.

And, to my surprise, the song is essentially the same kind of track the band has been putting out since Anthems of Rebellion. The only twist is that I was waiting for the music to take off into a much heavier and faster paced sound as it starts with material reminiscent of The Agony Scene‘s “Scars of Your Disease”. In fact, that’s the direction that I really wanted it to go. The song itself isn’t bad when the faster, heavier bridges kick in like the start of the song, but those promising sections are replaced with the typical catchy simpler hooks that have adorned the bands albums for quite some time, and really doesn’t offer much originality to the mix. The only thing that really wound up impressing me was the guitar solo, but even that is starting to get a little old as it’s never really anything different either.

The chorus to this goes at a slower pace as well, and while catchy, it just screams previous Arch Enemy. Every time the chorus kicks in, I was waiting to hear the lines “Carnivorous Jesus! I need your flesh!” to be shouted. Of course immediately after I’m then waiting to hear “I am the ever forsaken bastard child of your disease!” with that bridge that is so enthusiastic and promising. It’s a great section of the song, but it doesn’t really work with the slower paced anthem of the song and feels more like the band is teasing you.

Arch Enemy have subscribed to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idea of song writing that bands like Hatebreed have perfected over the years. While consistancy is not a bad thing, it really just starts to wear on people. Sure the band has a loyal fanbase, and I’m a proud card carrying member. However, even I have my limits honestly. Hearing this song that sounds like multiple other songs released over the years doesn’t necessarily spark a lot of hope for the band’s upcoming Khaos Legions. The song isn’t bad, and if you never heard the group before it’ll be a strong track to come in on, but just hearing the same repetitive music over and over by the same band, and not even a band copying a well established band, I’m talking by the established act themselves, just really makes one wonder why it’s like that. Yes, Anthems of Rebellion was a break through album for Metal, let alone the Melodic Death Metal genre, but that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to record the same album over and over. Now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly have to go listen to The Agony Scene.

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