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Asian School Girls

I’m in no way going to lie that when I happened on the film Asian Schoolgirls on Netflix, I was immediately sold. As a soon to be twenty-nine year old male, well, they certainly hit this target demographic here. I decided to head over to Youtube and check out the trailer before giving into my primal instincts of “must watch film with sexy asian ladies” and, well, I’m glad I did.

In this trailer, a number of things appeared that immediately turned me off of wanting to see this flick. First of all, the story reminded me too much of The Last House on the Left, but with a few exceptions. There’s four women instead of two, and the repercussions stem from going to the bar and hooking up with strangers. Though the girls are supposedly kidnapped, it all screams rape revenge flick that appears to adhere to the stereotypes and ground rules of the genre. While that can at least lead to something mildly entertaining, within just ten seconds you can’t help but fear this is going to rely more on sex appeal than anything else.

After what seems to be a rape scenario or kidnapping, the ladies seem to be dumped somewhere and discuss revenge by getting weapons, learning how to use them, and basically becoming a militia of Lucy Liu lookalikes. They also seem to be strippers, though given the summary on Netflix, they are kidnapped by a gang in Los Angeles so they may be forced to work as strippers, but the scene with all four sitting against a fence makes me believe this may not be the case. This is where the “school girl” theme seems to come in since most of the trailer has them in tight black tactical assault gear instead.

There’s little chemistry shown between the characters in the trailer too. What exists has me worried even more. No, this isn’t the next The Shining or Highlander, but what is on display just sounds incredibly lifeless and boring. Most of the cast in these clips often seem like they’re sleep walking except for the slow motion scenes of them doing things like kicking or throwing daggers while sporting a “primal” Mariah Carey face. If that’s all the acting is, which I expect, this is going to rely on the woman’s looks and production that seems like a horrible mixing of high definition cameras with an analog, grainy effect that looks flat and horrible.

As a man with an active sex drive, the name immediately enticed me. I won’t lie about that. However, I’m also someone who goes into a movie for more than eye candy. The trailer to Asian Schoolgirls didn’t really draw me in at all. In fact it kind of killed my desire to bother with it. But, truth be told, I probably will. I’m an Asylum fan boy at heart, and it’s now streaming on Netflix…

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