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Charlie Murder

The other day, Ska Studios shot over a review code for their latest game, Charlie Murder. Having just wrapped up playing through the story of Zeno Clash II, I decided to throw it on, as their previous offerings really stuck out on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It also was the perfect excuse to use my new Hauppauge recorder Fizz of Lead Example is selling me.

Like usual, the game has that dark and gritty look their previous titles carry. I was immediately reminded of the dismal environment of The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, but with a hint of The Behemoth hand drawn artwork a la Castle Crashers. The big difference is you’re fighting zombies, and some enemies clearly of the metal pursuasion such as a large viking at the end of the first stage.

There’s a good deal of ways to upgrade your character, using clothes, masks, and tattoos to help make whichever character you play as stronger, all the while continuing to level him or her up. Aside random drops, you have the option the purchase things from various stores along the way, as well as the ability to make your own beer. On top of that, it seems like pretty much everything is a weapon in this title, and that’s great considering what additional difficulty there is for those looking to just play the title in single player mode.

Obviously I haven’t put too much time into this game yet, and off camera I actually completed this first stage and bought a few other things. There was a cut scene I didn’t realize was happening with a bunch of people sitting around a tv, gradually playing more as a band until the walls of an apartment fall down and they’re on stage performing. What I didn’t notice at first was that it had a horizontal chord across the screen and you had to press buttons to the rhythm like Guitar Hero. It was hard to do with things muted at the time on my end, but I managed an eighty-nine percent score either way.

Tomorrow I intend to get a little deeper into Charlie Murder, and hopefully will get to play it with some friends for the full experience. Until then, I’m enjoying it, and anxious to get back into this dark world of music and monsters.