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Denouncement Pyre: Almighty Arcanun

As I said recently, I am very sick. But, nothing has changed about my daily routine. It seems as though I’m expected to go about my day as if I don’t have a temp of 101.3 fahrenheit or am crippled in my left arm and both legs. I know, first world problems, right? So, sitting here, watching the hours tick by before I cqn get my meds, I got my allowed two-and-a-half hours of sleep, a can of Monster Energy, and roughly another hour to kill. Meanwhile, I noticed I received the new Denouncement Pyre to go over. Feet freezing and a Taco Bell burrito supreme sitting in my stomach like a brick of dogfood, I decided to throw my problems to the side and give Almighty Arcanum a quick spin.

“Intro: Breath of Tehom” was just a simple, atmospheric introductory track. Dripping water and simple, rustic chords set up a dismal, unforgiving musical world that did a decent job at leaving a chill in the air, but not one that shuttered down my spine. It seems perfectly suiting to what the band may have in store, which is something I base largely on their previous debut offering.

“An Extension of the Void” welcomes a crisper sound all together from their previous album, and a sharper, enthusiastic vocal performance that greatly lacks any major vocal distortions from the studio. The music itself is a lot more energetic as well, having some extra complexity throughout in the guitar chords, and a rich, thunderous presence from the thud of the bass kicks. The overall production does end up a bit raw despite the digital touch it carries, but that’s thanks largely to the volume levels, and how muffled the bass guitar can sound. Either way, this branches off “Into: Breath of Tehom” quite well, and expands for a solid seven minutes and fifteen seconds nicely. Much of it ends up a strong assault of sharper Black Metal material, while some areas do slow down to a bludgeoning Death Metal approach that can become a bit crushing until the very end when the guitars ring out, and rushing water quickly fills the emptiness.

“Almighty Arcanum” amps the speed up once again, taking on more of an early Black Metal approach with a venomous hostility that is easy to bang your head along to. The drums play more of a role in this track thanks to the hollow, echoing snares and a sharp cymbal sound. Around the two-minute mark, the furious brutality gives way to simpler, yet highly infectious material and riffs, though it does show a little more complexity shortly after, which does give the song more of a thinner sound overall due to the audio quality at work in the production. Things do end up shifting quite a lot, and perhaps it’s just that I’m sick, but I’m finding it a bit hard to follow, though still rather impressed.

“He Who Conquers All” kicks things off with some slower chords that really bring in a creepy atmosphere, but also a bit of a melodic touch to the recording in the vein of Emperor. Things pick up somewhat fast after the one minute mark, allowing the sharper chords a little more adrenaline in their strike. The additional keyboards in the background make for a nice touch, though not entirely necessary, throwing the album into a widely different musical style all together. Things do end on a breakdown that packs as much energy as the rest of the song in a chanting, ritualistic fashion that works out well to wrap this song up, but leaving it with a bit of an identity crisis.

Next up is “The Deceiver,” another offering with a slower start that sounds far more unique, and truer to the initial vein of the sound the band was going for from the start. The bass kicks remain a bit restricted, and the lyrics are far simpler as well, adding to the overall catchiness Denouncement Pyre bring with them this time around. Surprisingly, nothing really picks up here. The pace remains consistant through much of the song, though the last minute does have an additional bit of tension before a guitar bridge back into the infectious mid-tempo material tht grows richer as it continues, as well as a bit disturbing.

With my sickness turning a little more violent, I decided to end things here. Almighty Arcanum sounds like a stronger, far more matured Denouncement Pyre, and I can tell that, when I’m not quite as gimp or suffering from this long running ailment, it’s definitely something I can get behind. This is definitely going to be an album fans of the group will want to check out, and with a tighter, crisper production, it puts the group’s skills at the forefront a lot more.

Denouncement Pyrew (band)
Denouncement Pyrew

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