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Entrails: The Tomb Awaits

When I get an e-mail from Clawhammer PR and it involves anything Dark Descent Records related, I usually immediately swoop in and check it out. This underground label is quickly becoming one of my favorites despite the issues I seem to have using their check out (it’s on my end, not theirs, and is also the reason why the paypal on this site doesn’t seem to want to accept donations, which will hopefully be remedied by the end of the year…) and F.D.A. Rekotz, another site supporter, is working with this release. As you all can guess, I got a little back logged with releases. It has been one hell of a year for Metal! But now that I have some breathing room, I’m diving head first into The Tomb Awaits by Entrails and can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.

The title track intoduction “The Tomb Awaits” is a little out of the ordinary, being an acoustic piece that feels cold and sets up the harsh environment I hope is to come. I enjoy the track for it’s more mellow sound and slight build up, giving me more of a feeling like I threw on an eighties Thrash album with this sort of introduction similar to Alice in Hell by Annihilator until it kicks over into some screams in the background and pounds into heavily distorted guitars and drums. Swedish Death Metal immediately floods my eardrums as I welcome the onslaught of “Unleashed Wrath” into my brain. The echo to the vocals helps to carry the atmosphere of the previous track into the fast paced brutality of the song and retan that rather cold environment that is enhanced a bit by the slower music, though that section of the song feels just a bit tacked on. But “Crawling Death” makes up for it very well. The song’s creepy keyboard introduction really feels a bit unsettling before the catchier Death Metal kicks in with a slight groove to it with that Death Metal intensity to give it enough aggression that my head bangs along nicely while I want to just join in vocally. Immediately after this track I’m flung into a fast paced groove-driven old school Death Metal track without the creepy or unsettling atmosphere, and I’m quite fine with that. While that works well with the previous tracks, it’s great to hear some straight forward Death Metal performed here that’s heavy enough to get my head banging along without any questions being asked. I shrug off the slower passage as more of a nature flow for the song and not an attempt to have the eery vibe come through this track, especially considering how short it is for such a long song.

Just a quick spin with the start of The Tomb Awaits and I’m hooked and ready to dive into it for review. The crushing music and unsettling atmospheres the band brings with them is pretty impressive, but it’s “Eaten by the Dead” that really captured my interest. While I may love straight Death Metal, it’s great to see the band do something a little more with it, and manage to do it so well too. Entrails proves my love of Dark Descent is something worth nurturing, making me even more anxious to sit down the next chance I get to throw this album back in a personal manner.

Article based on digital review material provided by Dark Descent Records.