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Evile: Five Serpents Teeth

…Does the world really need yet another Metallica cover band?

Honestly, it’s a question I pose to all of you. It seems that ever since Trivium‘s cover of the Metallica classic “Master of Puppets” for the reissue of Ascendancy, these kinds of bands have been coming out of woodwork. Of course, there were acts that came before it, such as Martyrd among others. I’ll be the first to admit I’m really not the biggest Metallica fan, though I am like many who appreciate their first four releases. I also have their latest effort, Death Magnetic, and appreciate it for the band actually trying to recapture their roots a little more then St. Anger. No, I’ve always been an Annihilator man, which my collection proudly dictates, though I don’t like every album they have issued despite my showing support by having them in my collection.

I will also admit I never heard the full debut Evile recording, mostly because of how much it costs, but it’s something I hope to soon rectify. However, what I heard had me full of hope for the promise the band gave off, and then their second full-length hit and I just felt they did not acknowledge the talent they had to really create a pounding Thrash album full of aggression and rebellious Thrash attitude. Of course I became a little worried when I heard their third album, Five Serpents Teeth, was due to hit soon, which meant it wouldn’t be too long before it hits the ol’ inbox. Sure enough, I was right.

Today, my promotional digital copy of the album hit, and immediately I downloaded it and hit the play button. And, just as fast as I was to pounce on it and hear what my friends were raving about, I realized two things. First, it’s a beeped promo, which typically give me a terrible migraine when the loud obnoxious high pitched beeps pop in. Luckily I braced myself with two extra strength Tylenol tablets, and began to check out the first few songs, which is when the second realization that this is just another Metallica copycat release. While I’m one of those guys who really dislikes sitting down and listening to a band perform the same sound of another band (such as anyone who sounds like a carbon copy of Napalm Death, Carcass gore-grind era, and Metallica being of no exception to this disgust), I give the album time to make some kind of impact with me.

After sitting through half the album, I can safely say that Five Serpents Teeth may give Trivium and Martyrd a run for their money. The songs are still solid and catchy with a good amount of harmonization in the vocals. There are times where the music picks up into an intense pace like the track “Thrasher” gave off, but those are more bridges then anything, but they work well and really do sound great, showing off the band’s skill and potential they decide to lay hidden for an unoriginal sound that is performed very well. The songs are catchy and addicting, and they do have a good amount of attitude and even aggression behind them. Fans of this more melodic style of Thrash, as unoriginal as it may be outside of the fact that the songs that make up the album are not literaly cover songs.

To put a long story short, I hate the unoriginality, but overall, I’m really getting into Five Serpents Teeth. The music sounds stronger then many more recent Metallica offerings, which is a plus for someone like me, and the many others who basically share the same point of view. Five Serpents Teeth really sounds like what Evile was trying to accomplish with Infected Nations, but this time seems sure they wanted to go into this direction instead of sort of dancing around with the idea of it. I’m actually really anxious to sit down and hear the rest of it, and to really analyze the album further to see just what the band brings to the table this time around other then the simple fact of it’s less then unique sound. Would I recommend this album from what I heard? Yes, but on the grounds of the music being solid and well performed so far. It’s worth keeping an eye on at least, especially if you like the direction that Evile has been going. Given the first half, I expect the second half to live up to it’s rich, attitude driven sound.

So, do we need more Metallica “cover” bands? No…but if it’s a good band, who can argue about quality in the long sea of quantity?

Article based on digital review material provided by Earache Records.