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Ghost: Opus Eponymous

Boy when people build up a band they love, they can really build up a band into an entity that can eventually rape my wallet. Since this album was announced, I’ve tried to get in touch with Rise Above Records about obtaining a copy of this release for review, sadly to no avail. No idea why, but whatever. In the end, the demand to review this album was pretty high, and my only personal curiosity was peaked. After reading plenty of positive reviews for the album, seeing bootlegged tracks uploaded on Youtube circulating like widlfire on my Facebook wall, and hearing friends brag about this band quite often had made me want to check this album out, if not for a review, then for a personal experience.

Not too long ago, the fiancee and I decided we would go to the local shopping mall and pick up the CD, and among that little shopping fit there and at the local used CD store, this was one of the purchases. Since she was the one who wanted to get out so bad, I threw the CD while we were in the car, and the look on her face the second the vocals started said it all. Revenge was to be mine…for a few moments. What the hell had I purchased?

From what everyone made this album out to be like, it was really disappointing the second it went into that player. And before everyone starts up about how I “just don’t get it” and am “not metal enough to enjoy it”, I get it. I get the album, where the band is coming from, and for what they are trying to do, I greatly respect the band for it. has the band listed as a blend Heavy Metal with Psychadelic Rock. However, to me, I get more of an early Heavy Metal and Doom Metal feel blended with Stoner Rock. Basically, it sounds to me like Candlemass meets Black Sabbath, the latter the fiancee also mentioned before I said anything. This is a point I will more then likely make in the review of the album…the band comparisons, not what my fiancee agreed with me on.

While that’s far from a bad thing, it just simply struck me as a boring album. Maybe when I go into it in critical review mode and not just a casual listener dead ass tired in the car on the way home from a long ass day of driving around from one store to another it will be a little more enjoyable, but it really failed to meet the Editorialations I had thanks to all the hype that existed. To me, it sounded like the band wanted to run with blending a Heavy Metal sound with an early Stoner Rock vibe a la Black Sabbath, as I typed, but it’s a sound that seems to be composed by a group of people who had never been stoned before, or even had the slightest of a contact high. I don’t do drugs period but I’ve had a contact high against my will (wrong place, arrogant addicts), and I admit I do enjoy some Stoner Rock/Metal albums more because of it, though I’d never enjoy that high again as it was nowhere near as fun or enjoyable for me as everyone makes it out to be. This lack anything that stands out about the kind of bands they clearly take ideas from.

So, yeah, this release didn’t quite live up to the Editorialations I had thanks to practically everybody who suggested this release to me when I threw it in for the first time. But, maybe when I sit down to review it, who knows, I may enjoy it more, or find a new respect for it then the one I have for it and the band now. I admit the band has a good idea, I just didn’t find it to be the masterpiece everyone made it out to be with what I heard. Either way, Editorial a review for this album at some point soon.

Article based on digital review material provided by Rise Above Records.