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Iwrestledabearonce: Late for Nothing

Last year’s Ruining it for Everyone was a huge surprise within the modern Deathcore community, as well as for me. This was the first time I could get into one of their releases. Matter of fact, it was the first time I got into even a single song of theirs. So, after a solid shift in direction musically, I was really anxious to check out their new single, “Thunder Chunky,” which is the lead single off their upcoming full-length album, Late for Nothing.

No matter how many times I’ve heard this single so far, I just can’t get too into it. It does stick with the band’s more eccentric musical style that sometimes finds the group as if trying to be artistic in some weird way. It’s not specifically Avant-Garde, Progressive, or Experimental. Instead, it wobbles that thin line between all of them. There are some solid Metal riffs that are heavy and catchy as all hell that leave me banging my head along to them, and even some atmospheric lead riffs.

Those spots are fantastic, but are ruined by the random changes. The first to do this is an upbeat dance/disco-esque passage that hits out of nowhere with no real segway. There’s also an incredibly bland breakdown that has a transition, but just sucks the life out of the faster, somewhat complex performance all around it due to how weak and empty it ends up. But, the biggest hang up about the track is that, especially towards the end, it largely sounds like a song by Devildriver, as if they took one of their songs and changed a few notes.

All of this has me a bit worried that Iwrestledabearonce took a step backwards, or just generally in the wrong direction. One thing I always gave them credit for was having a unique identity due to the randomness of their music. While they recently seemed to figure out how to take that style and perform it in a way that makes any sort of sense, this song just doesn’t. On top of that, it just sounds like DevilDriver got bored and threw darts at a board of suggestions to randomly go to mid song to mess with their fans. “Thunder Chunky” is more damaging than their die hard fans seem to perceive, and after sitting with this song a good ten times, I honestly lost much of the urge to sit through Late for Nothing other than for review purposes. If the rest of the album sounds like this, it’s going to be a very big letdown for those of us who don’t consider them the next best thing to sliced bread.


Article based on a public stream provided by Century Media Records.