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As I sit here hesitating horribly from writing this piece, I happen to glance down at the edge of the desk that I slammed my head off of countless times, rubbing the deeply red spot on my forehead. I counted a good forty times on the desk before slamming against that sharp edge and luckily not breaking skin before I simply couldn’t take it anymore. Why? Because everyone wants to know my opinion on the new Iwrestledabearonce. I simply am not a fan, but I went in with high hopes that maybe this band had changed. Maybe this band was going to do something to let me enjoy them. Maybe…just maybe…

While at the time of writing this, I still have yet to grab my review copy of Ruining it for Everybody. Not because it’s sitting there and I can’t bring myself to download it, but because it has yet to be sent to me. So, considering it’s release is so close and I never did get my review copy, I broke down and decided I’ll so a simple first impression to express my personal opinion on this since I have nothing to be really critical about and feel comfortable with. So, I decided to sit down and watch the music video for the track “You Know Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices”. Of course there are two singles available for digital purchase, but since I’m due a review copy and short on cash, this will have to do.

Honestly, Iwrestledabearonce starts off well enough, though the video, which is set at a party with a clown that just starts fights with people brings up memories with an old song I can’t pinpoint the title of but was one I nearly had to go through therapy to forget (thank you, Iwrestledabearonce for ruining that). The vocals are actually pretty strong and accompanby some rather intense music. There’s also some random moments where it sounds like they are trying to force some clean singing moments into the screaming prior to the screaming, which would work if the clean singing were as strong as the screaming was. From the first chorus, things just start going all over the place and the flow is basically just lost.

What starts off as a good song is quickly ruined by the chorus, which is catchy, but again the clean singing vocals are simply not strong at all, and the lyrics really make no sense no matter how many times you listen to them, which can easily be the most annoying thing to any album moreso then generally bad music. There’s nothing special about this outside of the fact that the vocalist is female. Sure there’s some decent chugging done for the breakdowns, and much of the song just sounds like the verses are breakdowns, and the surfer moment that appears as a bridge instead of the attempt of the band trying to sound “beautiful” to accomodate really light singing again just causes the song to really go in an avante-garde direction that would be interesting if it served any real purpose to the song. Instead, it’s just generic Deathcore with one verse of good music, the rest with chugging breakdowns that really are not too impressive, solid screams and weak clean singing, and a closing the works for the song. Of course all of this works for the various things going on in the muffic video like some guy pretending to surf and the randoms cenes of a guy dressed like a luchador.

I can’t see what everyone finds so appealing about the band, and this song and video doesn’t do much to help me out with it either. I just didn’t like it at all. It made absolutely no sense, went off in so many directions that my head would expode. Once I started to get into it, the song became this whole other experience, and in fact by the time I finished listening to it the second time, I genuinely became sick to my stomach. While the screaming is fantastic and the music is solid for being generic breakdowns in the most cliche way possible, I seriously have no intention to sit through this song again until the time comes to review the full-length, in which I’ll hope that hearing it in it’s proper order on the album will make the song a little more enjoyable then this insanely random birthday part video made it out to be.

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