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Metal Mind Productions may not be able to service review copies of their reissue albums to the site anymore due to financial reasons, but they still have no problem servicing me with their upcoming new releases. In a recent e-mail, the label sent out a teaser to the upcoming Leash Eye album titled V.I.D.I. via Soundcloud. The song, “Trucker Song,” has actually been making it’s rounds about the net, though due to the recent internet outage and email server issues, I’m just finally getting to this preview from the Stoner Rock group.

The moment the track kicked in with that classic keyboard sound of the early Rock days with that modern harder edge, my attention was peaked. The catchy Stoner Rock material the band was playing here really stood out, though it’s nothing too unique or original for it’s time at this point. The cleaner production quality actually really helped all the instruments stand out nicely, with the keyboards a bit more in the background but still present enough to make the impact necessary for the sake of melody against the hooks that really drive the song. The clean singing here shows a good deal of variety, and has no problem bridging into a more rhaspy, yet still harmonized approach to give the track a great deal of variety. The chorus was a lot simpler compared to the rest of the material, which only allowed the catchier material to settle in a stronger fashion, especially when it built up the solid, yet rather short guitar solo towards the end of the track. The whole song really packs a strong energy from the band, and it honestly just feels like Leash Eye really enjoyed writing and performing this track, keeping any robotic or mechanical sound to the performance pretty far away, even at the conclusiion of the sound bite from an old truck starting up then eventually driving off, doing a nice job to both close the track, and wrap up the atmosphere of the lyrical content to the song.

Honestly, the catchy, fluid music and energetic performance really made me want to hear the rest of the album. In the time I wrote this, I’m already hit the play button on it a few times and just sat back to fully enjoy what the band is offering with this free audio stream. If “Trucker Song” is the kind of solid Stoner Rock material the band plans to unleash on V.I.D.I., then I’m definitely on board to hear what the rest of it is going to sound like. I’m actually hoping it’s more songs similar to this more laid back yet edgy sound and not really focused on trying to sound somewhat heavier or even push what the Stoner Rock style is about like others in this musical field.

Article based on digital review material provided by Metal Mind Records.