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Marvel Zombies Destroy!
As a lifelong Marvel Comics fan, the Marvel Zombies mini-series was one of the most intriguing reads I’ve come across. There have always been interesting story lines for alternate universes that crop up and sometimes dwarf other worlds in the process, including the Ultimate story lines in a Fantastic Four story arc. So, when a new entry into this horrific saga comes about, I’m all over it. But, I finally got to sit down with issue one, and, I gotta say, I’m far from impressed…

First of all, the tale revolves around Dum Dum Dugan and Howard the Duck. I’m far from a fan of Dugan, but I love Howard as a character that seems to randomly crop up here and there. Last time we heard from him was a side-story to the Marvel event Fear Itself, titled Fear Itself: Fearsome Four for an out-of-nowhere b-movie style horror tale. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to really hold my interest for this issue, and not bestow a lot of hope for the other four. This is, however, the introduction of the Ducky Dozen (see a trend?). This would have some good possibilities, that is if it wasn’t a bunch of characters I’ve never heard of before, and chances are you haven’t either. Not including the aforementioned Dugan and Howard, this group includes Battlestar, Red Raven, Eternal Brain, Gur, Dragoon, Dynaman, Breeze Barton, Flexo, Blazing Skull, and Taxi Taylor. My heart actually sank when I saw them, and after the story being introduced of an alternate world where the Nazi’s won World War II by turning themselves into zombies, I basically just checked right out. Not even the introduction of The Invaders on the last page was enough to make me want to voluntarily purchase any others, let alone just issue two.

This really isn’t a Marvel Zombies story at this point. Instead, it seems to be the complete opposite. Instead of the zombies continuing to invade the various worlds of the Marvel Universe, and others trying to cure themselves while fighting the hunger, suffering through personal plights or trying to save the innocents that those who give into the hunger are bound to devour, we’re given a story that seems ripped from Call of Duty downloadable content, playing it safe to the reader foundation that happens to also game and have a mild interest in the modern surge of zombie fandom, all without offering much of an engaging story. In fact, some of the more interesting characters are dead or turned into zombies already, and I’ve only read the first chapter. I can tell there’s going to be a love (or lust) tension that involves Taxi Taylor, and the dream Dugan experiences at the start is clearly going to be utilized as foreshadowing at the end, both of which I expect to be forced into the story line. The biggest annoyance was the giant plothole. How did A.R.M.O.R. (Alternate Reality Monitoring & Operation Response, a government organziation Howard the Duck heads) get the footage from that alternate world who intend to attack when the undead don’t have the same technology? If it’s that easy to make contact and send stuff over to our world, or what I assume to be this plain of existence since there’s no indication what world we’re talking about here, then why haven’t they just invaded already?

Aside some good artwork, I’m finding nothing all that interesting about this entry into the lore of the zombies. If I weren’t so anal about having complete sets when I can get them, I wouldn’t even bother wasting the $16 I need to complete it. Sometimes Marvel does pull a good story out of nowhere near the end, but overall this seems to be a concept with the Marvel Zombies name slapped on it just to profit off the fame among the companies dedicated fans, such as myself. I’m honestly not really enjoying it, nor do I really expect this to be a good mini-series.