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While Roadrunner Records may not deem this site worthy of their Metal releases, that doesn’t stop the fact that they have some pretty important artists in their line-up. Among them is their recent acquisition, Mastodon, who will find their album The Hunter distributed through them later this year. In preperation, the song “Curl of the Burl” has been made available to stream digitally. You can find that stream located above in the Cloud player. But, as a fan of Mastodon since their Lifesblood EP, I personally cannot help but wonder what this new release may sound like, and if this song is enough to really raise my expectations any.

Well, there’s really not much to say about it other then if you liked the past two albums, you will definitely enjoy this song. “Curl of the Burl” has a heavy Stoner Rock influence that goes back to the early days of Rock. It’s definitely a catchy song from the start, and Mastodon does seem to have a bit of a Space Rock sound at the very start of the track. Right away the hooks definitely grab you with their heavier sound, but yet accessible Rock riffs really grabbing the listener. This is by far a giant leap from the group’s original material, and in a way does have a bit of a mainstream feel, but still retains that genuine Rock sound to it.

I personally really like this track. It’s simple, it’s catchy, it’s not overbearing or drawn out…what more can you possibly want? Enough times with the track and you will definitely find yourself singing along to the hook driven chorus and bobbing your head along to the heavier sound of the track. I personally don’t want to see a full album of songs like this one, as it will quickly lose my interest if all the material is just simple and hook driven. But, for a lead single off the album, “Curl of the Burl” makes a strong introduction to the album that fans will eat up. I know I have, and am waiting to hear more of The Hunter.

Article based on a physical copy provided by personal funds.