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Nachtblut: Dogma
Anyone who happened on my review of the 2011 Napalm Records reissue of Antik by Nachtblut will remember that I really didn’t like it. There were plenty of problems throughout ranging everywhere from diversity to the point of clashing with one another, right down to the independent production. For a debut recording, the band really failed to hook me as a listener, and since that review I haven’t looked back at it. In fact, I basically forgot about their existence. That is until a few weeks ago when Napalm Records issued a few promos to upcoming albums, and Dogma was sitting right there. Looking to kill the silence, I threw it on to see what has become of the band, and, honestly, it took me by surprise.

Much of Dogma sounded so much tighter than the band’s debut offering that it went from being just simple background noise to something I really started paying attention to. The darker atmosphere worked out very well with the heavy riffs and subtle Gothic overtones of the recording. It comes as no surprise to me that I felt like I was listening to a more recent Cradle of Filth offering, but greatly toned down and not really pushing for epic and poetic territory.

But, that’s fine by me. Honestly, through much of this release so far, I’ve been banging my head along to the infectious beats and sometimes even feeling uneasy through the grim atmospheres being created. Sometimes the album does go into some Techno or Electronica terrain, such as the closing of “Mein Herz In Ihren Handen” and the start of “Mordlust,” but thanks to Antik I began to expect it. These weren’t too bad, and even suited the tone of the music, although the latter of the two has a slower sound that doesn’t work to retain the proper heaviness needed thanks to the sleeker production quality, though it does seem to have some heavier and edgier moments. With the whole thing being about fifty minutes and only this song rubbing me the wrong way, I’m actually contemplating throwing this one in the car to accompany me for a little while.

I haven’t really heard anything new or unique to this recording, but pretty much every song is solid, and has a nice mixture of grim tones with some stylish and heavy material. It’s a drastic change compared to their debut offering, and it genuinely took me by surprise. was really digging the hell out of “Dogma” for it’s more traditional Industrial-esque sound to the whole Gothic Metal approach, and “Eiskonigin” was another stronger track that I really enjoyed, though “Rache” had me banging my head along to the infectious rhythms from start to finish.

My only gripe is that I forsee the album getting a little old. Nothing on here is really too awe-inspiring, or even that complex in the first place. I can see myself and even some others getting a little bored of some of the material after a while. But this definitely feels like an accessable album that, weeks or months down the lined if I don’t know what to put in to kill the silence, I can reach for this and be content with the decision. Would I suggest this to someone so far? Yeah, I would definitely tell fans of this brand of music to check it out, and I might even add it to the collection. I don’t think I’ll run right out and buy it though, but if I see it for a good price I doubt I’ll walk away from it.

Article based on digital review material provided by Napalm Records.