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Scelerata: The Sniper
Given some of the recent technical issues, and just pure physical exhaustion from frustrations in my personal life, I decided to relax tonight and take it easy, listening to music instead of being overly critical about it. Instead, I’ll take a night to just talk about albums from a personal perspective, writing up some first impression articles for the next few days, or others if I feel like it. And, as I’m going through all the available promos, I came across the upcoming Scelerata album, The Sniper. And, when you look at that artwork, it was almost impossible to not load it up and hit the play button.

“Rising Sun” really caught my attention at the start with the additional energy and a somewhat sleaker sound, but eventually it just drifted off into more traditional material that didn’t thrill me too much. “In My Blood” had it’s spurts that grabbed ahold of me too, though I wasn’t too keen on the faster, more aggressive passage. Around the three minute mark, the pace picked up and got a little heavier before the solo. I didn’t get too into it, infact the harsher vocals greatly conflicted with the music. Other than that, the chorus was enjoyable, but the whole thing just wasn’t that memorable.

I honestly started to fade in and out with the album over the next few songs. It wasn’t until “Unmasking Lies” that the recording pulled me back in. There was a nice hint of authority to it, with verses that were easy to get into, a chorus that was very upbeat through a much lighter performance, falsetto backing vocals, and what seemed to be some additional keyboards that gave it more of an uplifting tone. “Must Be Dreaming” was another that caught my attention, which even surprised me. The slower, simpler acoustic chords rang more like a Hard Rock piece, and the softer singing with higher pitches worked well for it, giving way to a harder chorus that was catchy, and a bit chaotic. The atmosphere was what really struck me though, at first being desolate, and once again uplifting in the chorus.

By the time I hit “Welcome Home,” I was really starting to just get bored of the album. “‘Til the Day we Die” sparked some interest once more, but the falsetto vocals that kick in towards the end, prior to the piano performance, wound up giving me a very brief headache, and the shift into a glorious, somewhat epic performance rather suddenly did take me out of it a bit. Before that, the song was pretty good, performed at a faster pace that captured a good deal of enthusiasm all around.

The Sniper by Scelerata really wasn’t that fantastic an album. For what it was, it at least became an enjoyable spin, though not one I’ll plan to take again anytime soon. There wasn’t much that had my head bobbing along, though there were a few songs that stood out to me. This was the third release by the group, and I’m hoping the previous efforts are a little stronger, as I wouldn’t mind checking them out at some point. But, for fans of Power Metal, I wouldn’t really suggest buying this, but at least sampling it to see if it’s worth your time is something you probably should do.

Scelerata (band)
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