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Smile Empty Soul: 3s
Smile Empty Soul not only has a new single streaming on-line, but they also apparently have a new album coming out titled 3’s. I’ve personally never been a fan of this band, and to be perfectly honest, I had no idea they were even still around. So, with the press release in my inbox, and my finger gently hovering over the delete key, I figured I’d see what these guys were up to.

A lyric video for the song “Afterlife” has been made available on Noisecreep, as well as to download on iTunes for a small. The tone of the song does carry a bit of a darker sense to it thanks to the slower pace that the main verses come at the listener with, really focusing on the bass. This is rather suiting for the lyrical content, which often isn’t the most creative of lyrics, and doesn’t really even seem to fit the chorus. That part, however, does pick things up a bit. The environment changes, but doesn’t stray too far from the established environment, but picks up some emotional that didn’t quite exist before. It’s nothing too impressive, but, in it’s defense, this is a catchy song that does hit the listener a little harder thanks to the harsher harmonization in the vocals instead of a clean sing style. It matches the energy and passionate that Smile Empty Soul does try to bring into it, and actually does succeed at times.

The track didn’t really change my view on what the new album will sound like, or even the band for that matter. It doesn’t sound all that different from what I’ve heard of the group in the past, and it fits right in with today’s commercialized rock radio stations that find great success with bands like Puddle of Mudd and Creed while coupled with Metallica and Nirvana. It’s another safe song from a safe band that is accessable to anyone listening. However, the lyrics really are what stuck out. Anyone with a strong passion for music will easily agree with the lyrics of the chorus about listening to your favorite music or the radio from the afterlife and wanting to be buried with it. But, I can’t picture something that strng appearing on other tracks of 3’s. I’ll probably have a promo in my inbox in the near future, so I’ll give it a spin for curiosity sake, as well as for a review. But, after that, I really don’t see myself acquiring this album, or even this single to be honest. It’s good, but not that good.

On a side note, it infuriates me to see a “Top 100 Metal Albums” list anywhere that features Shinedown and Nickelback in the top two spots, as well as The Used in the general top five. Shame on you, Billboard. I took a screen cap of their page this morning, April 19th, 2012, at 3:51am EST, which you can see below for evidence.

Then again, here I am covering an album that is the furthest thing from Metal. Shame on me I guess… Oh well! If you’re like me and curious to hear the song yourself, or just are interested in the chorus and what I found so enjoyable about it, you can stream it as long as it’s active over at this location.

Article based on a public lyric video provided by eOne Records