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Deepsend Records is a completely new label for me. I honestly have never heard anything that they have put out other then their reissue of Sigh‘s Scorn Defeat album. Obviously, looking at the roster shows the label’s heavier Death Metal focus, and many of their bands have appealed to me since looking it over for that specific review. As many of you know I had problems with the cable and my e-mail server for a good month, month and a half, so getting to the press invites was a real thorn in the side at times. So, when I saw a Haulix invite from Deepsend, I was stoked. Among the two 2012 releases was Total Depravity by Spectral Mortuary, which I immediately sampled, then threw on a disc to headbang along to in the car. Granted I didn’t get much time in, but this is what I can tell you from those few tracks…

This album is intense! So far from what I’ve heard of the upcoming early 2012 releases, I’ve been blessed with solid occult Rock, some really screwy Progressive Rock that’s as catchy as it is silly, and now brutalizing Death Metal. The audio quality here is fantastic, really holding the blunt heaviness to it though crystal clear. “Absorbing the Bloodline” simply felt like a chaotic Death Metal assault with commanding authority and bone crushing slower riffs against fast paced drumming. For as much as I loved the song and how much the engine on my car hated me throughout it, “Time to Decay” really took me by surprise. What I called bone crushing on “Absorbing the Bloodline” leans more to soul devouring here with a commanding performance with the similar send up of some slower riffs with faster drumming incorporated with abrasive, clear gutturals that really got me pumped up more then before.

Total Depravity also shows me it’s not an album where it’s one or two good songs at the start with lesser quality material to push the full-length barrier. “Purulent Mass” is just as intense as the last two with it’s all around faster pace with accomodatingly hopeless atmospheric moments such as the exquisite guitar solo half way through that feels more emotional then it was probably intended to be. The brutality throughout this song is just unrelenting as the loud thudding bass kicks hammer away against the sharper Death Metal guitar distortion of today just proceeds to tear your face right the hell off as “Bestial Sanctity” just hammers away at what’s left of your skull.

I’m not saying Total Depravity is going to be one of the best Death Metal albums you’ll hear, at least not yet. But from what I’ve heard so far of this monstrous release, I can safely say that this is going to be one of the more important early 2012 releases to come out, and that I am very anxious to sit down and actually review this release.

Article based on digital review material provided by Deepsend Records.