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The Haunted: Unseen
Oh my god, The Haunted. Such a strong Melodic Death Metal act. Or at least, they were. What the hell happened to them?! I will never forget actually putting in One Kill Wonder for the first time and how blown away I was by it. It lead me to buy The Haunted and The Haunted Made Me Do It the week after. I had just gotten out of school, started college around the time I got to pick that CD up, and blew half a shift of pay from work on them the next day from the local CD store that has also gone downhill sadly. rEVOLVEr simply changed the game plan for the band, and was their most successful album. It was also one of my favorite releases by them next to One Kill Wonder, but it was also when I started to worry. Sure enough, The Dead Eye came out, and I hated it. Versus? I don’t even own it, which is an insult from the guy with the OCD who has to own all the CDs of a band he likes.

So, what was my reaction to the artwork unveiling of Unseen? An immediate “WHAT THE…?!” came across my lips. Butterfly wings in a sleek and stylish manner? This can’t be good. Sure enough…there’s been a couple live videos circulating around youtube, and broke the story on this sound by posted a youtube video of the band’s promo, which aired on a radio station overseas. I refused to believe it, assuming it was another band overseas who was using the name without realizing of the band’s existence, just like how there’s a rap group out there, Christian I believe, named Six Feet Under.

While the song isn’t horrible, it sounds like everything you can easily hear on the local big name rock radio station. It’s Alternative Rock and not metal. While it’s hard to picture the band playing the exact same sound as on their self-titled debut, it’s impossible to imagine the group pulling this move, but they did! The song is, however, catchy and infectious as hell in a more mainstream, accessable manner if, and when, you can look past the obvious. But, on my first visit with the song, I cringed. It was painful. It hurt. It hurt bad. I didn’t want to listen to it anymore, and actually walked away from it for a good while. As I’m writing this, I’m giving it another chance, letting the song play a few times on their Facebook page, and it’s growing on me for what it is. It’s not like the band can’t pull off going the route of All That Remains, or the The Autumn Offering CD Fear Will Cast No Shadow. But, it’s clear many of today’s mainstream rock and metal acts are influencing the group.

It’s impossible for me to sit here and compare it to any band. Not because I can’t think of one, but because I can think of hundreds. Nay…Thousands! This song is the definition of generic. But yet, past that first impression, it’s becoming a guilty pleasure. The simple nature of the song coupled with the alternative hooks just make it a fun, simple song to enjoy. So, while many die hard fans will have the first impression of betrayal, especially given all the negative comments on the net as proof that, yes, if you haven’t heard it, you will be pissed off to high hell, if you can accept it for what it is, it’s not a bad song, and definitely packs more of an impact then some of today’s mainstream popular acts like the new single from today’s “makes-millions-while-stuttering” band Big Time Rush, or the “stuck in a loop” Justin Bieber. Yes, this band feels like the “Metal” equivilent of those two boy bands. But, I will never say the song isn’t catchy again…

The Haunted
The Haunted
Article based on a video of a recorded radio premiere covered on Metal Sucks.