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Unburied: Murder 101

Just before I got up to sleep, I got an invitation to check out the new Unburied album, Murder 101. This effort from the US Brutal Death Metal group is due out next week through Selfmadegod Records. Considering the late night promo, I felt a need to give this one a spin right away and see what’s in store for anyone who may pick this effort up.

“Trapped in a Delusion” starts off with an audio sample of a woman speaking, and eventually kicks into some slower paced Death Metal. The deep gutterals work well with the bass-rich material, but they aren’t consistant at all. The higher wails are a little painful to sit through, but the growls eventually made me wonder if the voice of the Cookie Monster was handling the duties. I can see this group being some kind of b-movie style band, but the song itself isn’t that great either thanks to material that is simply boring despite the deep kick i has. Tack the latter vocal style on, and it’s nearly comical.

“I’m Going to Fucking Kill You” definitely casts the band into a better light. The quicker pace and somewhat conmplex music brings in a good deal of intensity and energy, and it does mask the obvious flaws in the gutturals. The higher pitched vocals work better here as well as it seems to be what the woman is saying that the track seems to focus on.

“Stalked Fucked and Buried” is another faster track that hammers away at the listener with a blasting pace from the drums, and some catchier bridges here and there. Like the previous tracks there are some audio samples that hit towards the end. The music does stop to give way to a man murdering a woman, closing out the rather short performance. Not a bad one in general, but there clearly was still some life left to it before the abrupt ending.

“Abraxas Annihilation” is another slower track, but it doesn’t really show the same faults as “Draped in a Delusion” did. Again, the bass focus plays an important role, and the music does mask the vocal flaws nicely. Even when it’s not too strong or tight to do that, they end up deep enough to really make an impact that benefits the song. Gradually, it picks up some speed, and allows some catchy riffs to come through, as well as background vocals, and what seems to be a little layering here ande there, though I’m not one hundred percent sure that’s what they did this time around. Either way, it makes for a rather crushing experience, if nothing too unique.

“Homicidal Sex Rampage” has some choppy moments here and there, such as the introduction, using faster moments that pound away, then stop for a brief moment. The gaps do end up filled in a little later, and it does make for a more chaotic offering scattered about some of the catchy verses. Again, the band focuses more on intensity, and it sounds pretty good overall. The riffs seem simpler this time around in some spots, but the speed they are often played at ofers enough to keep the listener engaged.

Based on what I heard so far, this is essentially the soundtrack to stalking a rape victim, whether real life or a television show like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But, by the time “Abraxas annihilation” hit, I was getting tired of it. There isn’t anything too unique to the Brutal Death Metal style, nor is there anything all that engaging. Thankfully, what is present, at least in the first half, is some well executed tracks that can hold your attention. I don’t foresee this being an album you’ll rush back to immediately, but Murder 101 still has enough to draw you back after a while.

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