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Unearth: Eyes of Black

When it comes to Metalcore, Unearth is a huge driving force. There’s been many full-length releases by the group over time, and now the group readies their fifth full-length release, Darkness in the Light. In an effort to make the masses aware and ready them for the upcoming assault, the label has started an official Darkness in the Light album promotional site (click here) to push the first “single” off the album, “Eyes of Black”. With this website came the debut of the artwork for the album, which can be found at the bottom of this article. While the artwork looks nice, and the pre-order incentives are…interesting…being a t-shirt designed to look like a college shirt with the band name replacing the school name, and a beer bong with the band’s logo attached to it, the song itself becomes the most important part…though I’m sure many out there would pick up this CD whether or not it was a solid venture solely to have an Unearth beer bong for those nights of chugging the Jagermeister.

If “Eyes of Black” is essentially the song meant to attract attention to the new release, then there’s nothing really to worry about. The music is basically the same as it’s been the past few full-lengths, though continuing to show a little growth, but not too much that it creates a dramatic change in the music. The vocals are all screamed, though the chorus is more harmonized against the catchier, more melodic music. The breakdown execution is typically after the chorus, and it winds up being enjoyable, though no more intense or heavy then the rest of the music on the song except for the final breakdown at the end of the song which moves at a slower pace and just really isn’t the most fantastic, but it does work to bring the song to a close while it fades out.

The production also feels a little heavier then it should, but not necessarily in the music. It sounds thick, as if being weghed down without the music itself sounding too heavy. While everything is at the proper level it should be, it just doesn’t really have much of a bite to it, and the music doesn’t feel as rich as it should thanks to that burdening feel from the song, which seems to really affect the guitars more then anything, having them come off a little further back in the mix then they probably should be and coming off, at times, more like the kind of quality one might expect from a Sludge Metal production quality, and the drums a little louder, though not necessarily drowning out the guitars. The bass really shines through, and the guitars on the song really only shine through when the two happen to be played together along with the guitar, which happens a lot when the music starts to chug along.

“Eyes of Black” is just basic Unearth. Literally. There is nothing more that could possibly be said about it. In fact, it feels almost like a step backwards for the group from their previous two albums. Granted they had their share of basic Metalcore with melodic hooks, but this song is essentially the band pushing it against the common grain of the style. It’s not bad, but it’s generic, and if this is the best that the album has to offer, Darkness in the Light isn’t shaping up to be anything too interesting.

Article based on a public audio stream provided by Metal Blade Records.