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Finntroll’s 2004 release, Nattfödd, marks the band’s third effort, as well as their most successful to date. Out of all the releases in the Folk Metal field, perhaps none has had more an impact then this release, and for good reason. Compared to the band’s previous releases, this one came out of nowhere with some really impressive Metal that pushes the style forward in creating a fun atmosphere, while not reaching the silly extents that the band’s last album did.

Each track on this release manages to blend in various elements well. Not only do you get fun and enjoyable songs that many could raise a pint to, but you also have a blend of good Folk Metal that is sometimes serious, much like on the track “Fiskarens Fiende”, but blended with a good mixture of Humppa music that adds to that very same serious, sometimes bordering on the side of epic but just not quite there, sound. But, let’s face it, it’s the more upbeat tracks off here that are really the heart and soul of the album. “Trollhammaren” is the perfect example, being a fast paced song with light hearted Humppa bunps that just make the track complete. The keyboards on this album also feel to do a little more the album, though not much. In the case of the title track, “Nattfödd”, as well as others, they add a nice bit of ambience to the start of the song that flows through it. Actually if it weren’t for the keyboards on certain songs like “Eliytres” and “Ursvamp”, the album would feel a little lackluster. For as simple as they could be, the keyboards do work with the Humppa music on this release and add a whole other layer that really stands out against the backdrop of fantastical music.

But, of course, there are some let down tracks on this release. “Marknadsvisan” which really is a pointless track. The introduction of it starts off well enough, sounding as if some gigantic beast were walking through the woods, roars, and then swords and such go flying. There’s a very brief song that would fit well to a Grindcore band, and then more forest ambient effects. Another track that really just doesn’t quite have a great impact would be “Grottans Barn”. That’s not to say this track is garbage, it’s a very strong slower paced Folk Track that seems rather straight forward in that style, but at the same time it just lacks a real bite that, if made just a little heavier, could have made all the difference in the world to the song.

Either way, with the album Nattfödd, there is no denying that Finntroll have arrived, and clearly plan to stay. All the elements to a successful Folk release are there, from the proper moods set through the ambience, to the solid, energetic performance, as well as the originallity that is brought in from their signature Humpaa sound, this release will give you the urge to sing along with a mug of ale in the closest forested park or reserve. No matter your stance on Finntroll themselves, there is no denying that this release is not only highly enjoyable, but an important release as well for the Metal community.

Initial Pressing Score: 7.5/10