Review – Laurasia Awaits Us: Apathy Remains Victorious

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Review – Laurasia Awaits Us: Apathy Remains Victorious
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Laurasia Awaits Us: Apathy Remains Victorious

Laurasia Awaits Us is a Finnish Post-Black Metal group that recently signed to Domestic Genocide Records to release a remastered version of last year’s debut, Apathy Remains Victorious, a cold and grim personal exploration in six songs. This leaves behind overly technical and poetic means to convey emotions in a down-to-earth manner. While it sounds promising, the audio really isn’t. The drums (possibly programmed) have heavy wash out, and there’s plenty of studio errors and corrections you easily pick up on, especially when changing distortions abruptly. This is rough since it’s where the atmosphere largely stems from.

“When This is Over” is a slower performance with chilling riffs, changing to a natural Pagan sound complete with clean singing, riffs, even a waterfall. The shift is abrupt, but still works for the most part. “Forget Everything” is rocky here too, almost haulting when the distortions change. While cold and grim, the solo is horrible, and this is the biggest offender of that studio editing problem. But, when the band gets it right, you get material like “Nothing Left to Accomplish,” a truly dismal and heartbreaking song with deep, distant gutturals against sharper riffs and waves crashing to shore. It shows the promise of Laurasia Awaits Us, even with the loud music box that pops in towards the end. It’s these kind of issues that do hurt Apathy Remains Victorious a lot. There’s promise to be found here, but there’s also plenty of room to grow.

Laurasia Awaits Us (band)

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