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I’ll be honest, sometimes I end up with more CDs to review than I even have time in the day. I try my best to get through them all, but by the end of the week I feel like I haven’t even made a dent. I’ve been thinking about a way to at least give these bands I don’t really get to some coverage on the site, and thus “Fresh Meat” was born. The concept? Quick, magazine style reviews that seem to be all the rage. This evening, three new albums hit the inbox, and I decided to sit down and check them out real quick.

The Upheaval: Failure of Humanity

Turkey’s Upheaval formed back in 2011, and signed with Mulligore Productions for their debut album, Failure of Humanity. Right away, the crisp audio quality wasn’t doing the atmospheres any favors, but overall still sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, there’s not much to talk about here. Most of the album is pretty basic, though the faster sections come out strong. “To eat the God’s Breed” is a pretty stern offering, though loses steam towards the end, and it’s not until “Rebirth as a Sinner” you start getting that violent dose of faster, yet slightly blunt Black Metal back. There’s still a good amount of faster tracks, and these are the ones that make the album worth making note of.

Sadly, this is a largely mid-paced album. Songs like “A White Mask” have passages that are catchy, finding your head bobbing along at least, but sound empty, bland, and even boring. In their defense, this seems more a production issue than a fault of generic song writing. It didn’t take long for me to just want to turn it off, but I decided to wait, and there were a few gems later on, such as “Falsehood Castle.” This one is an exception to the bland mid-tempo material. Infact, it’s kind of memorable, especially towards the end when the bass plays a stronger role, but all around still a solid track.

Failure of Humanity is available now through Mulligore Productions, and is one I wouldn’t really recomend at this point. If you’re still curious, give the above Bandcamp player a spin to see if it tickles your fancy at all.

The Upheaval (band)
The Upheaval

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