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Lethe: Come Look at the Darkness With Me

Lethe is a band that is making plenty of waves already, but quickly becoming one of the most painfully overlooked groups at this time. The reasons for this are quite abundant actually. First of all, Lethe is a collaboration of Tor-Helge Skei of Manes, and Anna Murphy of Eluveittie that only formed last year. Then there’s the fact that this is an Experimental Black Metal act, incorporating genre’s such as Electronica, Hard Rock, and even Trip-Hop in their material. Finally, they’re also on the label Debemur Morti Productions, one a fair amount of Metal fans still don’t know about.

But, there’s no excuse to ignore this band any longer, especially since they just released a brand new digital two song EP titled Come Look at the Darkness With Me as a free download. It’s meant to push the duo’s upcoming full-length album When Dreams Become Nightmares, and it’s finding wide acceptance thanks to how it effortlessly bridges the gap between melancholy and mainstream. “Come Look at the Darkness With Me” is a soothing mixture of Black Metal foundations with crisp guitar distortions that are more in the background behind some simpler Gothic Rock and Alternative Rock flare. Meanwhile there’s “You,” which takes some liberties to its largely astral Ambient landscapes with male and female vocals throughout.

If you haven’t had the chance to hear what Lethe brings to the table yet, you’re missing out. Come Look at the Darkness with Me is an interesting mesh of styles that will definitely peak the interest of Metal fans in general, but will largely speak to the Black Metal community members craving more individuality from their music. Of course, this is just the start, and when it comes to their upcoming album, it seems that almost anything goes.

Download your free copy of Come Look at the Darkness with Me here!

Track Listing:
01. Come Look at the Darkness with Me – 6:11
02. You – 5:41


Article based on a press release provided by Debemur Morti Productions.