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Otherwise: Enjoy the Pain

Otherwise is one of the latest Alternative Rock signings to Century Media Records. If the name is unfamiliar to you, then you may have heard one of their recent singles on your local Rock radio stations, or seen their videos for “I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures)” and “Soldiers,” a track dedicated to those serving in the armed forces. As another special thank you, the band recorded a brand acoustic EP of songs they composed on the road, and are making it available to fans for free for their continued support. This release in question is called Enjoy the Pain.

While Enjoy the Pain is the furthest thing from a Metal recording, it is still free, and who can say no to kicking back with an acoustic recording? These efforts usually put some hidden talents from the group on display, and this is one of those times. Among the five tracks, you get experiences like the upbeat “60 MPH,” the slight hint of folk atmosphere to the hook filled “Miles of Rain,” and more emotional pieces like “Once in My Dreams,” which is clearly destined to be a lead single if these five will be recorded again for a new album in non-acoustic format.

You can grab this brand new recording here for the cost of fifteen, twenty seconds of supplying an e-mail address, and what radio station you heard the band on. Feel free to mess with them and list “” in that tab like I did. When you do, just check your e-mail, click the link, and your brand new digital only EP will be available for download.

Track Listing:
01. 60 MPH – 3:51
02. Once In My Dreams – 3:30
03. Enjoy the Pain – 3:33
04. Miles of Rain – 4:47
05. Burn Away (III Reprise) – 5:11
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Article based on a press release provided by Century Media Records.