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FrontBeast: Demon Ways of Sorcery

Today, HELLS HEADBANGERS announces August 20th as the international release date for FRONT BEAST’s Demon Ways of Sorcery. Since the late ’90s, Germany’s FRONT BEAST have been lurking in the darkest corners of the black metal underground. Helmed by mainman Avenger, FRONT BEAST have stayed committed to a pure ‘n’ proud vision, honoring the ancient ways with a prolific stream of demos and split releases. Now, FRONT BEAST are prepared to storm with menace with their second album (and first for HELLS HEADBANGERS), Demon Ways of Sorcery. Fittingly titled, Demon Ways of Sorcery is trend-free black metal of an ancient, mystical hue: damp dungeon atmosphere, crude yet commanding execution, thirsty ‘n’ miserable vocals, an aura of hideousness and unhealth, and an unselfconscious obeisance of time-honored heavy metal values. When the moonlight calls…obey the Demon Ways of Sorcery! Tracklisting and cover are as follows:

FrontBeast: Demon Ways of Sorcery
1) Bearer of Satan’s Flame
2) Heathen Night
3) Broken Seal of White Light
4) Demon Ways of Sorcery
5) Blackness Into Eternity
6) Filling Skulls With Angels Blood
7) Hidden Black Wisdom
8) Inverted Bloody Cross

Front Beast (band)
Front Beast (band)

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