Review – Goatblood / Nuclear Perversions: Rex Judaeorum / Wolves of Apocalypse

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  • Bio: n/a
  • Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
  • Release Date: March 6th, 2015
  • Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal
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Anyone familiar with Iron Bonehead Productions knows that they are no stranger to releasing seven-inch splits. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are here treading this familiar territory once more. This time around, we find Germany’s Goatblood with the mysterious Nuclear Perversions for a brand new split that essentially brings together two EPs to make Rex Judaeorum / Wolves of Apocalypse. But do these two bands compliment one another, or is it just a poorly constructed offering?

Up first is Germany’s Goatblood, the duo behind the Rex Judaeorum side of this release. The three songs are the definition of raw, utilizing thick guitar distortions, a strong bass presence, and very distinct drums that are as crisp as the analog quality allows them to be, complete with a little compression that sounds like a worn tape instead of simple washout. The echoed mixture of rasps and gutturals compliment the sound of the instruments quite well in all three tracks. “Rex Judaeorum” introduces a mixture of furious Grindcore blasts with catchy Death Metal grooves, though the half way point throws some slower Doom Metal-esque material into the mix. That touch can be felt periodically through “Enslave Your Race” though, here, it can seem like filler among the dismal, even melodic passages. It’s a large departure from the early second wave Black Metal foundation of “Southland Parasite”, which comes off more a casual performance, but still highly infectious.

And then there’s Nuclear Perversions‘ contribution, Wolves of Apocalypse. Not much is known about the two piece, but this side of the release features two tracks of equally yet, yet far more blunt brutality. The first minute of “Wolves of Apocalypse” is dedicated to building atmosphere, using air raid sirens and distorted howling that is more human than wolf, leading into a steady assault of drums and slightly sharpened guitars. While already a bit technical, just past two minutes in a subtle change to Grindcore blast beats occurs, continuing to amp up the hostility until the very end. The music itself is fairly short, but it’s as impressive as the primal following track “Rituals of Menstrual Blood” and it’s near-eviscerating hatred.

Of the two bands presented on this split, Goatblood do a good job and take advantage of the raw audio elements, but it’s Nuclear Perversions who stand out the most despite having the least amount of time to grab the listener’s attention. Rex Judaeorum / Wolves of Apocalypse isn’t that bad a seven-inch split, and fans of brutal Black and Death Metal compositions will surely find something worth taking note of here. It’s quite impressive, actually, that while similar in so many ways, actually end up light years away from one another with how they incorporate their brand of hostility. If you’re interested in either of these bands and have some spare cash, then checking out Rex Judaeorum / Wolves of Apocalypse is worth checking out at some point.

Nuclear PerversionsDigital review copy of this release provided by Iron Bonehead Productions.