Review – Goregast: Covered in Skin 7″

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Review – Goregast: Covered in Skin 7″
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Goregast: Covered in Skin
Death Metal
F.D.A. Rekotz
September 27th, 2013
Release length: 10:57
Germany’s Goregast dropped their third full-length album Desechos Humanos in 2011, and about two years later return with a brand new eleven minute seven inch EP through F.D.A. Rekotz, titled Covered in Skin. “Covered in Skin – Kopie” kicks off the varied Death Metal brutality with an extended mid-tempo introduction that pushes the deeper audio and bass forward with a solid drum performance that leads to an infectious mixture of groove-laced American Death Metal and faster Swedish hooks. About three and a half minutes in the pace slows to what seems like a slam breakdown, but instead feeds a creepy atmosphere the lower shouting adds a great deal of tension to, building once more similar to how it all started.

That environment is slightly vacant with “Mindcreeper.” While still a bit on the raw side, it has a sleeker darkness to it, and a stronger focus on Groove that immediately has your head banging along to the enthusiasm present during even the slowest of passages that show a little Amon Amarth style in the riffs. This wraps up the experience nicely, leaving you to immediately want to flip back to “Covered in Skin – Kopie.” But, for as varied as it is, Covered in Skin sticks to one general crushing sound and atmosphere that makes each approach flow smoothly from start to finish, making it a release fans of Death Metal will definitely enjoy.

01. Covered in Skin – Kopie – 5:29
02. Mindcreeper – 5:28
Initial Pressing Score: 9/10


Digital review copy of this release provided by F.D.A. Rekotz via Clawhammer PR.