Review – Goreshack: Goreshack

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  • Label: Self-release
  • Release Date: June 1st, 2010
  • Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Have you ever kicked back to songs from back in the day from acts like B52 that were generally geared towards surfers? Well, if not, there’s no denying you have heard material from acts like that, since the music itself is utilized in plenty of shows and movies, both seriously and sarcastically. Well, Goreshack takes that musical input, meshes it with a Thrash foundation, and adding a hint of Death Metal in the vein of acts like Impaled, to create a sound for the most metal of surfers. The band’s first demo, Goreshack, is limited to one hundred copies, but makes for a very impressive debut from the band, and shows the potential this group has to bring something rather new to the Metal world, though the staples for their compositions are already preexisting.

The music on Goreshack is essentially just your standard Thrash Metal with a nice fusion fo Death Metal. The music is heavy and simply hammers away at the listener at a blistering pace, only slowing down for key moments in the songs. “Monsterbation”, for example, has two of these elements. First, this song, as well as “The Dreaded Air Herpes”, have little spoken word sections that work nicely at pushing along the somewhat satirical lyrical composition on the albums. These sections are typically just one or two men talking and sounding like your stereotypical surfer, though the section on “The Dreaded Air Herpes” is pretty funny to hear and perfectly goes along with the overall topic of the song. “Monsterbation” also features an ending that slows down a bit to properly close out the song.

However, the main draw to this demo recording is the band’s ability to bring in the stereotypical music one would expect when you think of surfers. Not all of the songs have this, however, such as the closing track “G.S.M. (Gore Surf Metal)”, which finds a heavier Death Metal influence in the music that makes an absolutely punishing song from start to finish, nicely utilizing the dual-vocals of guttural and the higher rasp style, closing with a slight surfer riff via bass that feels tacked on, but doesn’t hurt anything by being there except makes you think there is going to be more to the song, as if it’s some kind of bridge to another verse or chorus. Of course, “The Weredude” features some fantastic guitars and drums that sound like something one of those old surfer-based bands would use in a song, but sped up and made to sound more metal than anything, working nicely with the already established Thrash material the started the track.

Of course, the demo is a little longer then the actual tracks say they are, as “G.S.M. (Gore Surf Metal)” features a small hidden section of the band members joking around in the studio and doing a comedic rendition of a Bee Gee‘s style vocal performance. Of course, this is a nice little additional piece to the recording that pushes the satirical concept of the EP, but it’s the Metal that matters the most, and none of it on this release disappoints. The music often hits hard without any mercy, and the gutturals used through the album are simply menacing, enhanced nicely by the occasional harsher second vocal style that joins in on the fun. There is no denying that “The Dreaded Air Herpes” makes for the band’s flagship song, and will have the listener hooked with their first spin with the energy behind the music, as well as the accompanying power of the vocals. Luckily, the energy can be found on all the songs on the release, which just makes the entire effort sound so much more powerful to begin with.

Goreshack makes a very impressive impact on the Metal world with this demo, entering territory that many could never have seen working out. Of course, first there was Viking Metal, then Pirate Metal, so why not create Surf Metal? It makes sense, right? Well, on this release, it all does, though it doesn’t quite carry the machismo factor as the last, but in the end it shows great promise from the band. Goreshack is truly an assault on the listener that blends the fun of the old surf-inspired music with the tenacity and horror of Metal to a brutal reason for Metal fans to actually want to go into the blistering beach sun, as well as making Goreshack a band to keep a very close eye on.


Physical review copy of this release provided by Goreshack.