Review – Goreshack: Tombstone Tide

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  • Bio: "Goreshack is a surf inspired Death Metal band hailing from the trashy beaches of Wormwood Beach." - Bandcamp
  • Label: Self-release
  • Release Date: May 11th, 2016
  • Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
  • Website: Visit Website
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Surf inspired death thrashers Goreshack exploded into the metal world a good six years ago with their self-titled debut EP. Their sarcastic approach to the genre with blunt co-cal nods in the violence that typically comes with the territory have been making waves (pun intended) for quite a while now, especially when their 2013 debut full-length Surf.Mosh.Kill. dropped. It’s now been three years since that fateful effort, and we’re given another glimpse into their twisted parallel reality with a brand new five song EP titled Tombstone Tide. But have the group continued to carve their own path, or is this more of a standard affair meant simple to pay homage to the legends of their field?

For the most part, Tombstone Tide remains about the same as their previous two offerings, but with a sharper audio quality and a great deal of enthusiasm behind the cheeky gore soaked material and poop jokes. “Tombstone Tide (A Grave Wave)” takes the dual vocal approach Exhumed and Impaled helped cement as a staple for the genre and compliments them with a good number of hooks amid the gnarly waves of heavily distorted death thrash brutality. By a minute-and-a-half, however, the group throws a little hardcore input into the mix, standing as the most infectious of the cut. This influence is also found on “Fucked in Half” despite being more like a standard, albeit equally energetic representation of the surf inspired output Goreshack love so much. That element is fleshed out a little more later on, comparable to the hostility felt on a Swashbuckle release, except instead of piracy we’re given a slackers, bong hits and surfing weredudes.

And speaking, purists following the group since its birth with find “Unleashing the Bummer” designed for them. Much like early Ghoul recordings, this one takes place in the Goreshack universe, incorporating Weredude going to the beach with Chainsaw to find Leviticorp trying to ruin their fun once more. Think the concept behind “Ghoul Hunter” from the aforementioned group and you’ll get the song’s core concept. Musically, it has the same impact as “Fucked in Half”, but again this isn’t something negative given how catchy the riffs and two-step drumming work together to paint the tale the growls and rasps unleash upon the listener. If that doesn’t seem to be fun enough, well then you have “The Slackrifice” with its darker musical overtones helping the concept of slacker satan worshippers with a severe case of the munchies, complete with brief audio samples from South Park and Beavis & Butt-Head, all wrapping with a brief poem to the bowels of man after eating Thai food from a 7/11 on “Diarrhea Dilemma”.

While it doesn’t quite feel as matured musically as Surf.Mosh.Kill, Tombstone Tide is still a well composed offering full of enthusiastic material riddled with snark, fun, and bowel movements. If you love the intensity of bands Exhumed, Exodus, or any other mentioned earlier bring to the table, Tombstone Tide will have you feeling right at home with the b-grade world of horror this Fresno, California four-piece has created. What’s more, this new recording is available as a “name your price” download through the group’s official Bandcamp page, so all it’ll cost you in this reality is your time, unless you want to throw some cash their way as a sign of good faith to keep the Weredude away. And, with that final nail in the coffin, there’s nothing more to be said except don’t be a bitch, just catch the grave wave…


Digital review copy of this release provided by Goreshack.