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Gravehill: When All Roads Lead to Hell

California death horde GRAVEHILL is set for a weekend of blood and blasphemy when they invade Portland, OR for an appearance at the Northwestern Black Circle Festival 5 on Saturday, August 10th. Sharing the stage with GRAVEHILL will be GHOUL, DRAWN & QUARTERED and more.

To celebrate their appearance at the festival, GRAVEHILL is bringing along a special two-song demo featuring tracks from their upcoming third release, Death Curse. Each copy is handmade, hand-numbered and each member of GRAVEHILL has his own edition of the demo complete with a personal message. These demos are limited to 50 copies and will only be available at the fest.

For the rest of the world, GRAVEHILL is now streaming a demo of the song “Black Blood Rising,” from the Death Curse sessions. Check it out at this location.

GRAVEHILL vocalist Mike Abominator had this to say about Death Curse, “We have some filthy fucking death metal terror here with these new ‘songs’ (more like hymns of death noise.) These are the things of nightmares, the stench that makes you puke. This is what this album will make you do when you hear it. The ‘demos’ that we are floating around actually fucking suck. We threw them together and wasted our time doing them for a stupid fucking waste of time that I won’t get into. But we are spreading the plague of the new material anyways. In the meantime, we slaughtered the material and got it ready for the album recording, of which we have started doing at Trench Studios with John Haddad (Hirax, Phobia, Coffin Texts, Abysmal Dawn, Murder Construct, Final Conflict and many more) and our very own Hellheim Studios. We are going with the raw, putrid and dismal live sound this time, as live as we can get it, to try and capture the feel of one of our live performances, of which we feel hasn’t been represented with our releases so far. Expect the same rotten and old school death metal from us. Fuck triggers! Fuck trends! Fuck technical bullshit! Fuck progress! AND FUCK YOU!”

Death Curse is set for a January 2014 release on Dark Descent Records.


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