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Gravity Rain: Artifacts of Balance

UPDATE FROM THE BAND: “Gravity Rain – a melodic/progressive metal project from Russia are 39% funded to finish their newest record “Artifacts of Balance”. Join the movement at THIS LOCATION and gain perks ranging from signed cd’s to personal concert!”

Taking their origins from a country with a truly deep musical heritage, acclaimed young Russian metal act Gravity Rain are engaging their fanbase to support them in finishing their upcoming album “Artifacts of Balance”. The campaign started on May 20, 2015 on INDIEGOGO. Support the campaign at THIS LOCATION.

Gravity Rain made its debut in May 2014 with the 3-track EP “The Shining Silence”. Carefully crafted, well produced and showcasing an eclectic mix of influences including Tool, Devin Townsend, Staind and Type O Negative, the release was well received in heavy music circles. Natalie Humphries of Soundscape Magazine said “for a first EP, it’s an impressive offering”.

Gravity Rain is skillfully balanced between an abundance of melody, clean, solid vocals and a fine feeling for music itself, yet retaining the power and groove of metal at its core.

The recording of the new album is almost finished; the funds will go towards for mixing, mastering, proper promotional release and tour. Enticing pre-order packages and special benefits will be provided exclusively for funders. “Artifacts of Balance” is on its way and it’s no doubt an upcoming album that is worth to be a part of.

Gravity Rain
Gravity Rain

Press release provided by Gravity Rain.