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Hell Militia: Jacob's Ladder

It has been reported that Hellsukkubus (a.k.a. LSK) of the Black Metal band Hell Militia has died at the age of thirty-six years. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family, friends, and band members she has been involved with. The story was broken by An excerpt from the article is below, giving more details. As far as I know, there is no cause of death released at this time.

French metal bassist LSK (a truncated form of her original nom de guerre, Hellsukkubus) has died at age of 36. She was well-known in the European black metal underground, primarily as a member of notorious French acts like Antaeus, Hell Militia, and Vorkreist. Despite her fearsome pedigree, she also demonstrated her range and versatility by performing with the symphonic metal band Love Lies Bleeding and German occult metallers Secrets of the Moon.

LSK garnered much respect among her peers, in part because of her enigmatic nature. Not only was she a ferocious performer, but she was a dedicated metal musician first and foremost. The fact that she was among a mere handful of women in a male-oriented scene was incidental; she brought her music to the stage with authority and never used gender as a disclaimer. She represented an unwavering conviction to the music and the forces behind it, consequences be damned.


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