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The Horde: Destroyer... Slayer of Men

Today Brutal Viking Thrash Metal masters THE HORDE will enter The Dungeon of Doom with Drew Webster to record their second full length album, third release over all, entitled “Destroyer… Slayer of Men” which is set to be released in 2014 by Abyss Records.

Tim the guitarist from THE HORDE had this to say about the upcoming album:
“We are excited to finally start the recording process for our 3rd album. Some of the song titles are…. ‘Usurper Berzerker’, ‘Conquering of the Firewyrm’, ‘Behold in Despair’ and many others plus a special track at the end for fans of our 1st CD. We look forward to seeing everybody when we are out on tour next year!”

A rough mix of the track ‘Pray Hater’ which is also from their upcoming album “Destroyer… Slayer of Men” can be heard here.

The Horde
The Horde

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