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Hypocrisy: End of Disclosure
Melodic Death Metal
Nuclear Blast Records
March 22nd, 2013
Release length: n/a
It’s been a little more than three years since Hypocrisy unleashed their well received twelfth full-length effort Taste of Extreme Divinity, and fans have been waiting anxiously for the next release. To keep the wait less painful, we were given a split release in 2009, a live DVD in 2011, and a compilation a year later. With a decent amount of filler releases to keep everyone at bay. Now, it’s time for the band’s thirteenth release, titled End of Disclosure. This time. it seems the format has shifted from their successful alien and science fiction themed material, to more government conspiracy theory territory. With loyal followers frothing at the mouth, is this more typical modern Hypocrisy, or does this attempt happen to throw anything new or unique at anyone who happens to hear it?

CORRECTION: I refer to the album The Fourth Dimension in this video. I say The Fourth Chapter for some reason. No idea how I screwed that up.

01. End of Discolosure –
02. Tales of Thy Spineless –
03. The Eye –
04. United We Fall –
05. 44 Double Zero –
06. Hell is Where I Stay –
07. Soldier of Fortune –
08. When Death Calls –
09. The Return –
Initial Pressing Score: 8/10

Hypocrisy (band)

Digital review copy of this release provided by Nuclear Blast Records.