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Abnormal Thought Patterns (band)
After hearing the highly impressive debut Abnormal Thought Patterns effort, I wanted to get some questions over the members that made it happen. Thankfully, Earsplit PR was more than willing to pass them along to the band. Guitarist Jasun Tipton took some time to get these answered and sent back out.

How’s everything going on your end at this point?

Its been very busy this way. Just had a great Thanksgiving with family and now focusing on the new Abnormal Thought Patterns release.

First of all, with Abnormal Thought Patterns already showing promising signs in the Progressive Metal community, and consists of three of the Zero Hour members, is it safe to say Zero Hour is not on hold but rather disbanded at this point? Or, do the members of Abnormal Thought Patterns still intend to return to that well established act?

Right now we’re focusing on Abnormal Thought Patterns and very excited about it. We’re already working on new material for the next Abnormal Thought Patterns disc and it’s exciting to be receiving such positive feedback this early in the game.

Was working on the “Abnormal Thought Patterns” EP any different compared to working on a Zero Hour release? If so, how, and how do you feel about it?

It’s totally different. The biggest difference is we didn’t have to worry about stepping on any singer’s toes. We have complete freedom to push the envelope musically and we’re having a blast doing it. We get to break out of our shells and lets things rip.

Why did Abnormal Thought Patterns decide to go ahead and do an instrumental based group instead of utilizing a vocalist?

Abnormal Thought Patterns was a perfect accident. When I first got my protools system I wrote and recorded two instrumental songs to figure out the ins and outs of my new studio. One of those tracks being all four movements of Velocity and Acceleration. After listening to the instrumentals my brother said we should do an instrumental disc. I was against it at the beginning because we’ve always had a vocalist. I started playing the tracks to some friends and all of them said you need to release an album like this. All of the sudden I see bands like Animals as Leaders starting to make some headway and I became more open to the idea.

While researching Abnormal Thought Patterns I read that Troy had sustained an injury that was part of the reason Zero Hour was put on hold. How is he holding up, and was that a problem for the band during the writing or recording of the EP?

Troy had surgery on his left elbow. His ulnar nerve was entrap and this led to the surgery. At the moment he’s doing very well and rehearsing with the group. I wrote all the material except the bass only track “Ulnar Nerve Damage”. So it didn’t affect the writing process but we did have to wait for Troy to track his parts last.

With the Abnormal Thought Patterns EP dropping shortly [interview composed November 25th, 2011], should we expect to see a full-length release sometime in the near future, or anytime in 2012?

We do plan to have a release in 2012. It will be insane and have some hints of Jazz/Fusion. Velocity and Acceleration movements 5-8 will be part of that disc.

Getting back to the EP, I enjoyed the four part “Velocity and Acceleration” section. Was that intended to be cut into four songs, or originally just one long track? Also, is there any meaning behind the song and why it is cut up?

It is one track but I look at it as four different chapters to the song. Plus I like in the past when there was a long song I could skip forward or rewind on parts.

Speaking of “Velocity and Acceleration”, on the fourth part the guitars sound quite different compared to the other three, almost a little muffled or from a speaker phone. Why is there such a noticeable difference in the quality during this track? Was it intentional?

There’s so much chaos in movements 1-3. Movement 4 is a whole different beast as it’s more of a slide passage. Not as many sequences going on through that movement so it pushes a bit more. I guess you can say it not as sufficated.

Was there a specific atmosphere you were trying to achieve with these four tracks?

I just wanted craziness. I wanted it to be relentless as if you were holding your breath and gripping your seat the whole time.

How about with the EP in general? It seemed to me like a mixture of mechanics and fluid (like water). Was that sort of the atmosphere you intended to reach with this release, or does the band hear something else is any sort of environment was on purpose?

Water is a perfect description. To me it’s like surfing the most massive waves on the planet. Waves so violent that your adrenaline is pushed to the limit. Definitely the mechanical vibe goes hand in hand with METAL!!

Will the band be focusing primarily on this kind of sound for the rest of their works, or will Abnormal Thought Patterns try to change up the sound, tone, atmosphere, etc., of the music on future recordings?

It will change up for sure. I just feel those seven tracks are the best introduction to Abnormal Thought Patterns. Any more or less would have lost the vibe.

Will Abnormal Thought Patterns be doing any live shows in the near or distant future?

Yes we will be playing a couple local shows soon to test drive ATP. Abnormal Thought Patterns wants to be a touring band and we hope to get the opportunity to do so. If the people out there dig what we do please tell a friend about ATP and let everyone know you want to see us live. We want to tour around the World with this band.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

Thank you very much for the interview and for help pushing Abnormal Thought Patterns to your readers. Soon our website will be up and running. Please check out our Facebook and hit that like button for us! Here‘s where you can get a copy of the disc.

Thank you very much for your time, I greatly appreciate it and hope all is well on your end.

You too bro and lets do it again in 2012.

Abnormal Thought Patterns: Abnormal Thought Patterns
Interview conducted thanks to CynNormal Lab Recordings via Earsplit PR.